Coming Soon – 2015 Sea-Doo Ultimate Owners Ride V


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10306322_10152852249383307_2131695459216915750_nIn conjunction with the IJSBA World Finals, BRP is hosting the fifth annual Sea-Doo Ultimate Owners Ride Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 8:00am – 2:00pm  PDT. Sea-Doo watercraft and boat owners are invited to join the Sea-Doo Events Team on one of North America’s greatest one-day watercraft rides. The guided trip begins as Lake Havasu, AZ up the Colorado River, through the beautiful Topock Gorge to Pirate Cove Resort in Topock, CA.  This is The Social Event to be a part of for Sea-Doo owners. You’ll meet and share stories with people who are as passionate as you about Sea-Doo and life on the water.

10306322_10152852249383307_2131695459216915750_nA vacation in itself, taking part in this special event includes the guided ride up one of the most picturesque 25-mile stretches of water in the US, a first-hand look at select 2016 Sea-Doo models, a BRP hosted lunch at the Pirate Cove Resort, an event cap, and a chance to win cool Sea-Doo gear.

Registration opens August 10th, and more information can be found on the Sea-Doo Facebook page under the Events Tab. The entry fee will be $10 per rider with all proceeds going to the Junior Star PWC racing program. Get this in your calendars now! You won’t want to miss it.

Road Trip Sea-Doo Style!


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It’s time for summer living which means families are gearing up for some much-needed time off and fun on the water. The suitcases are packed and the trunks are loaded, now just to get the Sea-Doo ready for the road trip to that perfect destination that you’ve been planning to hit since the cold, winter months.

Summer Trip Quick-Guide:

  1. PAC-PFD-SPARKGeared to go: Before heading out of the door, double-check that all of the gear fits correctly. If you’re using the same PFD’s from previous summer fun, it’s possible that some of your family members (kids grow up fast) have outgrown them. If an upgrade is needed, we’ve got plenty of options to pick from to keep everyone safe on your Sea-Doo watercraft. PFD-CoupleSea-Doo Nylon PFDs are a great value with higher end components for an ideal combination of comfort and safety. The Sea-Doo Neoprene PFDs matches an athletic riding style and can handle rugged daily use. Sea-Doo’s Ecoprene PFDs have all the advantages of Neoprene plus the quick drying benefit of Nylon. The right PFD will fit snugly and comfortably to provide proper buoyancy while in the water.
  2. SPARK-CleaningWater Ready: This may be the first time you’re getting your Sea-Doo watercraft back to the water this season, and if so, now is a good time to get it prepped. Just a couple of months back, we posted our spring-cleaning tips to transition your Sea-Doo watercraft from storage to water. For a quick review of basic inspection and proper cleaning, you can check out that post here. Get your Sea-Doo watercraft prepped beforehand so that you spend all of your vacation time relaxing.
  3. Fueled Up: If you’re traveling to a more remote location, we suggest filling up your Sea-Doo watercraft before leaving. This way you can fill up with quality, fresh fuel. It will also assist in towing to optimize the weight distribution.
  4. Sea-Doo_PAC_2015_Performance_1447_ACProtection your Ride: We’ve all seen the grime that our vehicles can buildup from long road trips. It’s difficult to clean and is unsightly. Once your Sea-Doo watercraft is prepped, one of Sea-Doo’s custom fit covers will help keep it sparkling all the way to your destination.
  5. Getting there: As much care should be given to your trailer as your Sea-Doo watercraft that way you can be sure to get from home to vacationing with ease. Check your tires tread wear & air pressure, trailer lights, and have a professional check your wheel bearings. To add a bit more certainty, grab a Sea-Doo Spare Wheel for your Sea-Doo Move I or II trailer.

Now, get on the road so you can get on the water!

Riding Comfortably with Sea-Doo Suspension


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We know Sea-Doo owners like to take advantage of any riding time that they can during their busy schedules. And, since a Sea-Doo watercraft is so easy to get to the water and back, it’s perfect for quick or extended trips. But, the water can be unpredictable, and as much as we’d like to be able to control the weather to manage the waves, we decided instead to develop an even more optimized ride.

GTXLTDisSea-Doo was the first and has been the only to develop full-rider suspension on a personal watercraft. Models with suspension experience a smoother and more comfortable ride every time even as water conditions vary throughout the day. With suspension, when waters get rough, the rider is cushioned from wind chop and arm fatigue is reduced. So, if you do have the time for an all-day ride, you’ll enjoy it longer. Passengers also love suspension for the extra comfort; whomever you’re living the Sea-Doo life with will want to keep riding with you.

2015-SEA-DOO-GTX-LTD-iS-260-ACTION-2Since every rider has there own preference, there are variations to what Sea-Doo suspension has to offer. The Sea-Doo GTX S 155 has 5.5 inches of manually adjustable suspension. You can enjoy a smooth ride in all water conditions. On the Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260, the “iS” stands for Intelligent Suspension. It automatically adjusts compression to water conditions allowing for the greatest range of suspension travel for the smoothest ride possible. The iS system also offers docking mode that automatically lowers the suspension to lower the rider’s center of gravity during slow speed operation for greater stability and raising the rider environment to the normal riding position when underway. The entire riding area moves independently from the hull, and with iControl, you’ll get optimal suspension during your ride. If you’re one that enjoys a long cruise, you will really appreciate this, perhaps even more so Monday morning. FoxShocksAnd, if you’re a performance fanatic, the Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260 uses superior-grade, high-performance shocks, with full preload and compression manual adjustability. It offers just the right combination for riders who like to challenge offshore conditions but still maintain plenty of control.

No matter which type of rider you are, our suspension options deliver Smooth sailing, Sea-Doo style.

Five New Things To Do On Your Sea-Doo Watercraft


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We talk about living the Sea-Doo life a lot around here. For us, it’s about the passion you have to be out on your Sea-Doo watercraft and melding that excitement with all parts of your life on a day-to-day basis. After all, there’s more than one way to enjoy your Sea-Doo watercraft. Here are five new things our team is excited about trying this summer.

  1. SeaDooGTI-TransomgatingOn-water Tailgating: The summer months are a great time for boating and sports fans alike with baseball in full swing and football just kicking-off towards the end of summer. Transom-gating, as it’s also known by the boating community, offers an extra element of fun with a nice cruise on the water before and after game-time. And, many of the waterfront stadiums offer easy access to the entrances. Discover Boating put together a helpful list and tips to enjoy some of the best transom-gating stadiums across the U.S. which include:
  • SeaDooGTI-Transomgating2Husky Stadium – Seattle, WA
  • Neylan
    d Stadium – Knoxville, TN
  • Heinz Field – Pittsburgh, PA
  • EverBank Field – Jacksonville, FL
  • Soldier Field – Chicago, IL
  • Nationals Park – Washington, DC
  • AT&T Park – San Fancisco, CA
  • Citi Field – New York, NY
  1. SeaDooGTX-WaterfrontHouseHuntingWaterfront House Hunting: Instead of sitting in a car all day and driving from one house to the next, take a little journey by water and be sure that the views from your new home are perfect from the start. Whether you’re just taking in the amazing waterfront homes for future inspiration or actually in the market to purchase, searching by Sea-Doo watercraft will help you see if a property meet your lifestyle needs. With ample storage space and options to add a storage tray, you can have everyone you’ll need on hand. And, accessories like the Sea-Doo Speed Tie and Ladder assist with docking and boarding your Sea-Doo watercraft. Are you an avid explorer waiting to cross larger bodies of water, are you seeking the thrill of the race, or are you looking for a more intimate waterfront experience where you can enjoy a relaxing body of water? Let your ride guide you to your next home.
  2. SeaDooSPARK-FishingFishing: Sure everyone’s been fishing, and everyone who’s reeled one in knows how satisfying that feeling is. But, fishing by Sea-Doo watercraft, well, that’s definitely new. Over the past couple of years, we have received some interesting shots and feedback from fans on fishing-rigged Sea-Doo watercraft which is not a huge surprise considering technologies like the Intelligent Suspension (iS) system that automatically adapts to isolate the rider from the impact of rough waters during offshore riding and Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR) which for better control of the unit.
  3. SeaDooWakePro-WakeskateWakeskating: Sea-Doo has been involved with the wake industry since the inception of the sport in the early ’90s, and our commitment to the sport is stronger today than ever. The talented Nike Wakeskate Team has been instrumental in providing feedback for the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO, the only watercraft specifically designed for board sports. The Sea-Doo “DOO IT” instructional video series offer quick tips on how you can take your riding to the next level.
  4. SeaDooRXTPerformanceEndurance Adventure: Not too long ago, we wrote an adventure post about taking your Sea-Doo watercraft on a longer than average ride. Crossing larger bodies of water is a challenging and thrilling experience that will provide memories that last a lifetime, and prepping for such a ride will help you not feel the slide of the dog days of summer.

BonusWater Delivery Service: For those not looking to take any time off this summer, see a need and fill it. That’s exactly what a Colorado pizza restaurateur did when he began delivering pizza to boaters on his Sea-Doo watercraft. So, your summertime dream business could be right at your fingertips.

Disclaimer: Do not make any unauthorized modifications to your Sea-Doo unit or use accessories not approved by BRP, which can increase the risk of accidents or injuries.

Top Summer Hotspots from Sea-Doo Fans


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We consider ourselves lucky at Sea-Doo. Not only do we get to share the most fun experience you can have on the water with our fans, but also get to do this on a global scale. Everyday we receive amazing shots from Sea-Doo watercraft owners telling us their favorite locations to ride. And, with summer in just a couple of weeks, we thought it was the perfect time to share them. So, the next time you’re thirsty for a different kind of get-away, consider a new destination that’s popular among the Sea-Doo family!

DaleGnarwhaleDale Gnarwhale savors summer days riding the Sea-Doo SPARK down the largest natural lake in the western U.S. at Flathead Lake, Montana. This location is also known for the “monster” 50lb Lake trout.


BethanyStouderIf you’re looking to vacation in the mid-west, Bethany Stouder suggests the amazing views of the 800 miles of shoreline at Table Rock Lake in Missouri which she gets to ride on her Sea-Doo GTI SE 155.



JonathanYoung-BonavistabayNewfoundlandcanadaFor our friends up north, Jonathan Young gives us a quick peak at Bonavista Bay in Newfoundland, Canada from his Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 and GTR 215. The history and the heritage of the town and the geography of the location can be appreciated just as well from the water as it can be seen by land.




MaximeTheriault-AlmaQuébecCanadaSaguenay riverMaxime Thériault shares his view of the striking landscapes of the Saguenay River from the Sea-Doo GTR 215. Special to the mouth of the Saguenay is the four species of whale that call the river home. A major river of Quebec at 160km (100 mi), Maxime’s ride gets him from starting point to end where he can pull the throttle or use touring mode to soak in the views.



KitLoganWells-SkagwayAlaskaAlaska is known for having some of the greatest glacier views, and Kit Logan Wells’ shots from Skagway show just some of the sights from his Sea-Doo watercraft.



Of course, we can’t forget our friends down south of the equator. And, while they’re just coming into their winter months. Our fans in Australia are known to ride all year long now matter how chilly it gets. Jeffrey Priddis gives us a little look at his ride in the quaint, coastal town of Mylestom in New South Wales, Australia.


Sea-Doo WAKE 155 owner Jeremie Hadjibeyli rides an incredibly unique island. Raiatea, known as The Sacred Island in French Polynesia is centrally located and the protected lagoon makes the island one of the best for water-sports.

Just one of the great benefits of owning a Sea-Doo watercraft is the lifetime of fun memories that you and your family will enjoy not to mention the ease of use that they provide. Next time that you’re in a vacation planning rut, check out these locations for some inspiration for a trip that your family will never forget.

Father’s Day Essentials For the Sea-Doo Dad


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We don’t think it’s just a coincidence that Father’s Day falls on the first day of summer this year. Let’s help him greet the riding season and reward all our favorite dads for the things they do all year with gifts they can enjoy all summer. And, if you need a little help picking out just the right item, we’ve got a list to help with your search to be sure he’s smiling on his special day.


It may be that all he needs is a brand new outfit to be ready for a whole new season of fun on the water. If so, hook him up with great gear from head to toe.

AmphibiousGogglesStarting with the Sea-Doo Amphibious Riding Goggles. They are incredibly strong, lightweight, and they float. The flexible frames shape to the face and not only are the lenses polarized but they offer 100% UV protection. These are the perfect goggles for the dad who really likes to pull the throttle.

VibeA rashguard is great for anyone who likes a bit more of a barrier between themselves and the elements. The Vibe Rashguard provides sun protection to that of SPF 50, and is fitted for comfort. The mock turtleneck collar adds a little extra protection and there is also a boardshort connector keeping everything exactly where it’s supposed to be. And, let’s not forget about the importance of safety. The Vibe PFD is made to match the Vibe rashguard in design and function. The large armholes allow for full movement of the arms and this PFD is made with a super-duty nylon outer shell. It’s a great value that can be used for a variety of water sports.

Cove-BoardshortsIs there anything more comfortable than boardshorts? We don’t think so. From relaxing at home to heading out to your favorite waterfront restaurant, The Cove Technical Boardshorts look and feel amazing. The quick drying 4-way stretch fabric is very light and the boardshorts include a removable lightweight stretch neoprene inner short for protection when riding your Sea-Doo watercraft. Moving down to those toes, the Sea-Doo Sandals are comfortable footwear that mold to the feet.

If your dad is anything like the rest of us, he won’t go anywhere without a few essential items. The Sea-Doo Duffle Bag is designed specifically for extended outings and day trips and features a couple of special pockets. One pocket is waterproof and the other is a cooler. It’s multi-functional for a packed day out.

Snap-InFendersWith dad taken care of, let’s be sure his Sea-Doo watercraft is as well. The Snap-In Fenders are easy to install and remove and will help prevent dock damage. So now, his ride on the water will stay as pristine as his ride to the water. Now, he’s ready for ultimate relaxation and a perfect start to a perfect summer.

8 Tips to Finding Your Sea-Doo Watercraft


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You’ve decided to make the next step and join the Sea-Doo Family. It’s a big moment, to be ready for so much more adventure in the water, and to know that the Sea-Doo watercraft you choose will be creating memories for yourself, friends and family that will last. Before heading to the dealer, it’s a good idea to have a few things in mind so that you can be sure that, with so many options, you’re able to choose the right one for you!

The Sea-Doo site has a pretty great tool called Find Your Sea-Doo. It makes a suggestion based on the preferences you select.


What to Consider:

1. Riding Style –Here, you’re looking at three choices, and each comes with a helpful image in case you’re uncertain of which you’d prefer:
Spark-PlayfulPlayful – the rider that wants to go out, have loads of fun on a nimble craft and get a little wet while they’re at it.
Aggressive – this rider prefers to take on the waves at full speed with all of the power, performance, and technology available.
Relaxed – And, there are those who just want to cruise. This rider’s looking for luxury while they set their sights on new destinations and take in the waterways.

GTISeating2. Seating – In this section, you’ll choose between one to three seats. Generally, one-seaters are lighter and more nimble than three-seaters. And, if you’re planning to use your watercraft for towing, law requires three seats for the operator, spotter, and person being towed.

3. Riding Time – This takes into account each session on your watercraft which can be a challenge to decide on if you’re a first time owner. A good way to figure this out is to base your riding time on the amount of time that you will have available to spend on the water. After work? All day on the weekends? These basic questions will give good guidance.

RXPXSpeed4. Water Type – This preference combined with your riding style, will help suggest: the size of watercraft you may need along with whether you should get suspension.

5. Speed – Here, you’ll be telling the tool if you’re happy at a nice steady pace, or if you speed is a necessity in your life. This will better suggest the size engine for your riding style.

GTXComfort6. Comfort – Used along with the other categories, this will help to suggest a ride that has the right amount of stability and technology for your needs.

7. Maneuvering & Handling – Ease of handling your watercraft will be important. And, this will help determine the amount of control you need depending on whether you want to take tight turns on a dime, stop quickly, or dock in a matter of seconds with iBR technology.

TowSports8. Tow SportsThis preference is as straightforward as it sounds and the selection will help match you with a watercraft that gives the support you need for tow sports.

Ready to have your go, and Find Your Sea-Doo? Check out the tool here, and let us know in the comments if it lines up with what you had in mind for your dream Sea-Doo watercraft.


SPARK Up Your Memorial Day Weekend


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With plans of great barbecues, cottage gatherings, and beach trips just on the horizon, here are some ideas to SPARK up your weekend.


Like a Fish in the Water:
VibeWetsuitWe like to think that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, but that doesn’t mean we’re all free from the cold. It’s still a bit chilly out in some of the best riding locations, so you might need something to seal body warmth in and water out! Slip into the Vibe Wetsuit for the perfect amount of warmth and comfort for this time of season. Plus, its innovative mock turtleneck collar design with horizontal opening zipper gives a stylish and distinct look while being practical.
And, let’s not forget that safety is of huge importance. We want to be sure that you continue to have fun all summer long, so suit up with a matching Vibe PFD.

One with the Sun:
SportswearWhen you’re ready to take a break from the water to sit back and enjoy the weather, good vibes, and sunshine, make the most of your time in Sea-Doo gear made just for the occasion.
The Breeze Dress makes for a great swimsuit cover-up with its lightweight material and is perfectly flattering and feminine.
For the Sea-Doo enthusiastic men, show off your X-Team pride and stay beach-day ready with the X-Team cap, Particle Shirt & Cove Boardshorts.

More Fun to Add:
ChillShadeWe’re sure you’ll be spending lots of time in the sun this weekend, and we’re also sure you’ll remember to pack the sunscreen in your Sea-Doo Duffle Bag. But, even if it does slip your mind, the Chill Shade will keep you covered whether you’re on your Sea-Doo SPARK or looking for cover on the beach.

Now, it’s time to take your Sea-Doo watercraft for a spin! #SPARKSOMEFUN and enjoy 15% off online orders of $50 and more from May 22 – May 25, 2015 at That’s our way of sparking up your weekend!


PartyInviteDo you live in the Boca/Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area and would like to join the Sea-Doo event team at the Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party?

AND be in famous YouTube filmmaker Devin Super Tramp’s next hit video?

We are looking for 10-15 beautiful Sea-Doo fans to join our beach party on Thursday, May 28 at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL. Join the fun and be part of Devin’s next hit video. We will have fun, food, and some Sea-Doo giveaways. This is a full day commitment as the party will go from 8AM to 5PM.

If interested, please send an e-mail telling us why you would love to join the Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party and include a current picture of yourself to

Come with us to #SPARKSOMEFUN!

Dr. Doo: Transition from Storage to the Water


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After a cold and extended winter, we cannot be more excited to reunite with some warm weather and get back to riding! If you winterized your watercraft with the basic maintenance, you’re in great shape to get back to the water with minimal prep. Here are a few quick tips to ensure the best performance of your Sea-Doo watercraft and maximum fun this summer.

After bringing your Sea-Doo watercraft out of hibernation, it’s a good practice to Clean & Detail to prevent sun damage and remove contaminates from the water.

  • c0c824a40d95c98a5fef9ecf825b18aeGrab the hose and rinse off with the XPS Boat and PWC Wash and Wax. Made exclusively for Sea-Doo watercraft, this material-safe product will bring back that showroom shine.
  • The long winter months can take a toll on your vinyl seats creating mold and grime from the moisture. Use the XPS vinyl cleaner to help restore your vinyl seat and handlebar pad.
  • Once your Sea-Doo watercraft is looking new again, grab the XPS microfiber towel to avoid scratching and polish to perfection.

A clean ride also needs to be a ‘healthy’ ride. Before starting the season, be sure to perform a thorough inspection to make sure that all your watercraft parts are functioning properly. A basic check-up includes the following:

  • Inspect all fuel and water lines for cracks or any other types of damage. Always replace any lines that you notice with damage before riding.
  • Check all electrical connections for damage or build up. If any damages are noticed be sure to have them repaired. For build-up, a good cleaning will help reset for riding season.
  • t329_cd4cdc58b4cabb59dde74ad985e31d0fIf you did not change the oil and oil filter before winterizing, spring-cleaning provides the best opportunity to do this. The XPS 4-stroke Maintenance and Oil Change Kit includes XPS oil, an oil filter, three NGK spark plugs and an instruction sheet.
  • Spark plugs can develop residue or collect moisture over the winter due to the cold. Check and change your spark plugs if necessary.
  • Make sure your battery has been properly charged and reinstall the battery into your Sea-Doo watercraft.
  • 2015-SEA-DOO-RXP-X-260---STUDIO-AES_SteeringThe controls should be checked for proper movement. This includes (steering, steering cable, throttle, throttle cable and iBR, lever). If they stick, use the XPS lUBE so that they move freely.
  • Double-check that your Sea-Doo watercraft is running correctly by connecting it to a hose. Start the engine and run for no longer than two minutes.
  • If you run into any questions during the Spring-cleaning process, always refer to your Sea-Doo owner’s manual or ask your authorized Sea-Doo dealer.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you have the best riding season that you can. Now, it’s time to have some fun! Do you have additional pre-riding rituals to share? Share them with us.


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