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DR-DOO-TRAILER-MAINDr. Doo wants to help you maintain the health of your Sea-Doo trailer, as it is key in getting you to the water.

This BLOG includes tips and insights on seasonal maintenance, systems care, and the products to help maximize your Sea-Doo Life. The fact is, your watercraft spends most of its life NOT in the water but for most on the bunks and now is the perfect time to conduct a trailer check-up. Here are typical items to consider in establishing a trailer check-up program.

Keep it Clean

Corrosion can cause health problems for any maritime vehicle and the first defense against corrosion (rust) is to eliminate corrosive elements by keeping not only your Sea-Doo watercraft cleaned and dry but your trailer too. For those riding in salt, brackish or polluted water, this treatment is particularly important regardless if your trailer is painted or galvanized. When possible wash off the trailer at the boat ramp, or at the nearest carwash.

Store your watercraft and trailer in a well ventilated area.

Store your watercraft and trailer in a well ventilated area.

During the winter months, keep the trailer as dry as possible by storing it in a dry, well-ventilated area. For those storing their Sea-Doo watercraft and trailer outside and covering it, ensure that air can circulate under it and that it will not sag and allow water to pool.

During the down time inspect the trailer frame and wheels for scratches, rust or weak spots. Pay particular attention to joints and fasteners. If any corrosion is spotted remove it immediately, and apply a preventive coating such as a cold galvanizing compound. Weak spots should be repaired and rusted bolts or rotten bunks should be replaced. Exposed or cracked welds should also receive preventive treatment since they also can form galvanic cells that can cause expedited corrosion.

Rolling to the river

Ensure the tire pressure is at the proper PSI.

Ensure the tire pressure is at the proper PSI.

The majority of trailer problems involves the wheels and includes: flats, blowouts and burned-out bearings. Ensure the tires you use match the load requirement and are rated for your highest anticipated tow speed. Tires can loose pressure during times of non-use and the colder winter months. Check the tire pressure (cold) regularly to ensure they are at the proper PSI to ensure dry cracking or deformity doesn’t occur over winter. Also never use different size tires on the same trailer to ensure the trailer will track evenly.

The quarter rule can help determine tire tread health

The quarter rule can help determine tire tread health

To measure the health of your tire’s tread, conduct a visual inspection and implement the quarter test. If any cuts, slits, or damage of any kind visible replace the tire. The quarter test helps determine if the tread of the tire is acceptable. Place a quarter coin in the tread channel and if the top of the head on the coin is visible it’s time to replace the tire as less than 4/32” of the tread is remaining. Also inspect the wheels (particularly around the bolt holes) for cracks or deformation, and replace the wheel if you find problems. Check the lug nuts for tightness, and be sure they are not corroded and fused to the lug studs.

Use XPS synthetic grease to lubricate wheel bearings.

Use XPS synthetic grease to lubricate wheel bearings.

As you prepare the long-term storage of your Sea-Doo watercraft, repack the trailer hubs to prevent moisture in the bearings that could lead to corrosion. When you repack the bearings, use marine-grade grease, a new grease seal and a new cotter pin.

Be sure to pack grease into the bearing prior to installing it, and tighten the bearing to the designated torque. Most bearings require the nut to be hand tight (spin the wheel while tightening) then backing off the nut to insert the cotter pin. After the hub has been repacked the wheel should spin freely but without play.

Let the lights show the way

Ensure wires are strong and have the protective coating intact.

Ensure wires are strong and have the protective coating intact.

Being seen through the trailer lights are vital to safety and are also required by law. Proper functioning trailer lights start at the vehicle connector, which should match or adapt to the car’s system and should include a ground hookup. A ground connection through the trailer ball is not sufficient as a resulting poor ground may lead to dim or flickering lights and corrosion. The electrical wires should be free of abrasions and securely attached to the trailer. If wires are loose wires they can flap and wear and eventually fail so secure them with tie wraps or trailer specific wire routing.

To help ensure your lights are bright and responsive use silicone or rubber sealant to seal the lamps where the wires enter. Apply electrical grease to help protect the sockets and prevent connection corrosion.

And everything else

The bunks should fit the hull and provide even support.

The bunks should fit the hull and provide even support.

Be sure to inspect the overall stature of your trailer with your watercraft on the bunks looking for sags or the combination sitting unevenly. Give the springs a look for corrosion and breakage and the axle for straightness.




If your bunks show excessive wear, replace mounts and carpet.

If your bunks show excessive wear, replace mounts and carpet.

Check the wood bunks and carpet for rips or abrasions, as this is literally the cushion that is protecting your watercraft hull surface. If you must replace the trailer bunks, use pressure-treated wood.



Lubricate the winch gears with XPS Lube to ensure smooth operation.

Lubricate the winch gears with XPS Lube to ensure smooth operation.

Take the time to check the winch and lubricate the gears and cable or check the strap. Now is a good time to ensure your license and tag is up-to-date. Your trailer is where your watercraft spends most of its time and is what takes it to the water where the fun begins.


Take the time to check your trailer during the long winter months as Dr. Doo’s How-To tips help you live the best Sea-Doo life possible.



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James Bushell

James Bushell

Valcourt, QC, CANADA– December 9, 2014 – BRP closes the 2014 watercraft racing season with a dominating performance at the recent King’s Cup with Sea-Doo watercraft riders winning six of the seven runabout championships featuring modern four-stroke models. Sea-Doo racers from around the world congregated in Thailand to compete in the last high-profile race of the year and did so in true X-TEAM manner. Of the 21 available podium positions in the modern watercraft classes, Sea-Doo riders filled 16 of them.

Pro Open Champion - James Bushell

Pro Open Champion – James Bushell

Current world champion James Bushell added the King’s Cup Pro Open championship to his already stellar list of accolades aboard the Sea-Doo RXP-X. Bushell lead the charge with a dominating performance on his 158-Performance backed Sea-Doo RXP-X in the Pro Open class. Bushell has claimed seven World Championships in the past four years aboard an RXP-X T3 hull equipped watercraft and continued that momentum at this year’s King’s Cup. Bushell has relied on the tight turning and true tracking of the T3 hull and staying connected to the 400+ horsepower produced by his modified, turbo powered Rotax 4-TEC engine tuned by the Sea-Doo Centre.

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM King’s Cup podium finishers include.


  1. James Bushell                             UK                   SEA-DOO
  2. Hajime Isahai                              Japan
  3. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq                  Kuwait           SEA-DOO


  1. Boonayod Issarakankul                 Thailand       SEA-DOO
  2. Arttapol Khunsa                            Thailand
  3. Jun Ikoma                                    Japan             SEA-DOO


  1. Katunyou Chomim                        Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Arttapol Khunsa                            Thailand        SEA-DOO
  3. Abdullahal Fadhel                          Kuwait           SEA-DOO


  1. Rainer Eidner                                Germany         SEA-DOO
  2. Jun Ikoma                                     Japan             SEA-DOO
  3. Pichet Settura                                Thailand         SEA-DOO


  1. Tipmonghon Khensri                      Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Anton Pankratov                            Estonia          SEA-DOO
  3. Muhammad Skukri Bin Hashim        Malasia         SEA-DOO


  1. Nattawut Phisonpool       Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Nontawat Phimcharoen   Thailand        SEA-DOO
  3. Aphisit Rattanayon         Thailand        SEA-DOO

Visit for the most up-to-date information regarding BRP’s X-TEAM activities.



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drdoo Dr. Doo wants you to keep your energy up during the offseason so your Sea-Doo watercraft is in tip-top shape when spring arrives.

This monthly blog will include tips and insight on seasonal maintenance, systems care, and the products to help maximize your Sea-Doo Life. The winter cold is tough on batteries. It’s important to take the proper preventive maintenance steps to ensure your battery is healthy and ready-to-go when you take your watercraft out of hibernation.

The cold can cause troubles for your battery trauma in two ways;

  • Your Rotax engine requires much more current from your battery to turn over when it’s cold due to the thickening of the oil.
  • Colder temperatures slow the chemical reactions that generate electricity.

Although you may not be using your Sea-Doo watercraft in the cooler months as often, or at all, these tips from Dr. Doo will help ensure you keep the energy up with your electrical system. 

Give your battery a visual check-up.

Ensure your Sea-Doo battery terminals are corrosion free.

Ensure your Sea-Doo battery terminals are corrosion free.

Take a detailed look at the battery casing, looking for damage such as cracks or leaks. If you find any “flaws” in the battery, replace it immediately as a damaged battery can cause operational problems. The battery terminals (where the cables attach to the battery) should be clean, free of corrosion and the cable ends should be securely attached with no “wiggle.” Also, check the cables themselves for damage or wear. If there is any exposed metal of the wiring, replace that section.

Conduct a test.

A certified BRP Sea-Doo watercraft technician should check any battery three years old or older. The tech can conduct a cold cranking power test (CCA test) to measure the amount of power (amperage) the battery is able to produce for half a minute in cooler temperatures. A battery should produce a minimum voltage of 7.3 volts even at freezing. If the battery falls below these minimum standards, it’s time to purchase a new Yuasa° battery from an authorized BRP/Sea-Doo dealer.

Keep it warm if possible.

Providing a protected environment away from freezing temperatures and frigid winds can help keep the energy levels up. If possible, store your watercraft inside a garage or closed storage area. If storing your Sea-Doo watercraft inside isn’t possible you may want to consider removing your battery and storing it in your garage during the winter. When storing your battery, be sure to cover your terminals with a rubber cover or in a cardboard box to avoid possible arcing.

A "Smart" battery charger will maintain proper charge  over extended times of non-use.

A “Smart” battery charger will maintain proper charge over extended times of non-use.

An IV for your battery.

To help ensure your battery maintains healthy energy levels Dr. Doo prescribes you utilize a smart battery charger. These tools are designed for this use and won’t overcharge your battery and ensure they are at maximum strength when it’s go time. These tools can also be used for your other motorized vehicles that utilize a 6-volt or 12-volt system.

Drdoo-levelKeeping up the energy during the long winter months is challenging but with Dr. Doo’s How-To tips to live the best Sea-Doo Life, your watercraft battery will receive a complete clean bill of health.



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From power to ergonomics and style, Sea-Doo has set the standard for performance watercraft. The Sea-Doo brand was the first to produce a performance watercraft when the 1991 Sea-Doo XP was launched, creating an entirely new segment in the watercraft industry. In 2015 BRP continues to lead the performance watercraft segment with five models, making it easier to find the right model for every type of rider to deliver the exact adrenaline pumping experience they’re looking. But, finding the right watercraft can be lead to questions. If you’re thinking performance, keep reading as we will you help find the model that deliver the experience you’re looking for.

2015 SEA-DOO RXP-X 260 – Pure Exhilaration With World Championship Credentials

Sea-Doo RXP-X 260

Sea-Doo RXP-X 260

Engineered for maximum riding potential, the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 has claimed more world championships than any other runabout model over a 4-year span. The T3 hull (tight-turning t-hull) and ergonomics are ideal for closed course racers – be it a buoy course in Lake Havasu, the rivers of Florida, or the bayous of Louisiana – allowing the model to aggressively lean into corners and penetrate chop better than any of its two-seater rivals. The RXP-X 260 uses an unmatched advanced, dual surface hull design with a combination of soft and hard chines, dual axis adjustable rear sponsons and performance trim tabs. Riders lock into the machine with the narrow, body-molded racing seat, Adjustable Ergonomic Steering (A.E.S.) and angled footwell wedges. In the middle of a race, riders can take tighter, faster turns using more of the available power leaning further into corners.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 becomes an extension of the rider with a perfect upper and lower body connection. This watercraft is designed to be sen and be noticed on the water and off with a very technical design using a detailed flowing facet design philosophy that provides a ominous appearance demanding respect. The ride itself is the closest experience to a motorcycle not he water as you will find in 2015 as the RXP-X 260 is happiest when leaned over and pushing up walls of water in tight turns. If you want to unveil the Pro rider in you every weekend the RXP-X 260 is your Sea-Doo.

2015 SEA-DOO RXT-X aS 260 – The Most Advanced Offshore Watercraft Available

2015 Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260

2015 Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260

Because we know that sometimes Sea-Doo riders want to challenge open water with something aggressive, we developed the RXT-X aS 260. If your riding includes treks in open water or oceans this is the Sea-Doo platform to focus on.  It delivers on speed, strength and stability with a fully adjustable suspension rider environment set on the wave-penetrating S3 hull. The RXT-X aS 260 is built with the high output, supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine with intercooler and race-inspired features. Sea-Doo advanced iControl tech is included so that when riders hit rough waters, they have more comfort. The adjustable suspension reduces rider fatigue to help maintain maximum performance longer. And, so riders stay glued to the water in heavy conditions Sea-Doo has included adjustable trim tabs, bow stabilizers, and custom steering with A.E.S. The digital infocentre includes a boost indicator and lap timer. The RXT-X aS 260 includes so many features it’s a perfect combination of race ready watercraft to fully loaded enduro cruiser.

2015 SEA-DOO RXT-X 260 – When Getting From Point-A to Point-B First Is The Goal

2015 Sea-Doo RXT-X 260

2015 Sea-Doo RXT-X 260

The RXT-X 260 thrusts its riders from point A to point B accelerating to 50mph in less than 3 seconds. This non-suspended model integrates the S3 hull with rear sponsons and to carves corners better than any competitive 3 seat watercraft. By adjusting the VTS and the A.E.S. steering, any rider can customize their preferences for enhanced performance. The RXT-X also features the digital info center, iBR, and iTC along with ECO mode and quick-set Sport/Touring modes.

The riders who travels large lakes or long rivers and accepts the friendly wager to see who can get to the other side first is the rider who should look at the RXT-X 260. The RXT-X 260 is a perfect combination of race/touring and is equipped with race inspired features including the special X-TEAM seat design that is perfect for those high RPM runs with passengers. If you are in need of a performance machine that has the race look and feel and you wan tot do it with a passenger, the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 should be at the top of your list.

2015 SEA-DOO RXT 260 – The Epitome of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

2015 SEA-DOO RXT 260

2015 SEA-DOO RXT 260

If you are the type of rider that doesn’t necessarily feel the need to be noticed until you zoom by the competition then the Sea-Doo RXT 260 is your watercraft. For the weekend warriors, BRP has you covered with the Sea-Doo RXT 260. The high output, supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine executes ultimate power and confidence during those longer rides. The RXT 260 features the S3 hull for improved handling and stability whether you’re riding in touring mode for linear power delivery or sport mode for more aggressive acceleration. Need more options? The RXT 260 also comes with ECO mode along with its superior iBR & iTC tech, tilt steering with an integrated digital infocenter, VTS, hinged seat for engine access, watertight removable storage bin and fuel consumption displays. All perfect combinations for longer rides.

2015 SEA-DOO GTR 215 – Pure Performance Fun With An Entry-Level Attitude

2015 SEA-DOO GTR 215 ACTION 8For the performance enthusiast who wants a performance Sea-Doo model with out the performance cost the Sea-Doo GTR 215 is the perfect fit. Good at everything, the GTR 215 is Sea-Doo’s entry-level “musclecraft,” and when it accelerates to 30 mph in just 2.3 seconds, riders agree its deserving of performance circles respect. Based on the GTI hull, this machine features fun, nimble and predictable handling, and is quickly becoming the race craft of choice for 250 class AquaX competitors. The 3-seater offers more lateral stability, something that is appreciated when you’ve got a couple of passengers behind you. And if you’re cruising along in Touring mode, they’ll still feel the power, but with less of a punch. Pull the throttle in Sport mode, and the supercharged Rotax 4-TEC marine engine delivers a mean response with its superior power to weight ratio. The GTR 215 comes with some of Sea-Doo’s best innovations including the iTC and iBR system and includes an integrated infocentre, VTS, and 30.5 gallons (116 litres) of storage capacity.



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Today’s not just Throwback Thursday. Guinness Book of World Records Day is also celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. The durability and reliability of Sea-Doo watercraft have played an enormous role in some historic moments for Sea-Doo riders. So, for todays TBT, here’s a quick look back at five world records set by riders on a Sea-Doo watercraft from 2009.

Eric Lagopoulis sets Guinness World Record, 2009

Eric Lagopoulis attempting to set Guinness World Record, 2009

• Most miles travelled on a PWC in a 24-hour period
o *1,019.94 miles (1,641.43 km) by Ivan Otulić of Croatia in June 2009 on a SeaDoo GTX IS
• Most miles travelled on a PWC in a six-hour period
o 286 miles (460 km) + by Eric Lagopoulos of Sarasota, FL in November 2009
The strong winds, dark skies and scattered rain wasn’t enough to stop Eric Lagopoulos from finishing his six hour ride and neither was the cold front that moved through the area as he pushed through to attempt furthest ride in 24 hours.
• Most miles travelled on a PWC in open-water in a 24-hour period
o 753 miles (1,211 km) + by Mike Pagliccia of Naples, Florida in October 2009
• Fastest time to 1000 km (621 miles) on a PWC
o 10 hours, 9 minutes by Juan Felix Bravo of Madrid, Spain in July 2009 stopping only to refuel himself and his Sea-Doo RXT-I
• Most miles travelled on a PWC in a 24-hour period
o 786 miles (1,265 km) by Dale Vranckx of Ontario, Canada in July 2009

Eric Lagopoulis teamed with the Boomer Esiason Foundation to raise money for "Project Dream"

Eric Lagopoulis teamed with the Boomer Esiason Foundation to raise money for “Project Dream”

Congratulations to everyone who sets World Record’s today; as we know they are no easy feat. New records have since been set on Sea-Doo watercraft in more recent years.

*Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Eric Lagopoulos of Sarasota, FL broke the record for most miles travelled on a PWC in a 24-hour period in November 2009 at 880 miles (1,416 km). The attempt was short by 139.94 miles (225.43 km) to Ivan Otulić’s ride.



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Sea-Doo-SAR-search-and-rescueThe National Search and Rescue Secretariat recently announced that the City of Chambly, Quebec will be receiving the Award of Excellence 2014 in the innovation category for its involvement in the development of the Sea-Doo SAR, a watercraft designed exclusively for search and rescue professionals.

The award will be presented at the SARscene 2014 conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario on November 2nd. The Mayor of the City of Chambly, Denis Lavoie, and the Director of the Fire Department of the City of Chambly, Stéphane Dumberry will be receiving the award.

The presenter, SARscene 2014, aims to stimulate discussion and collaboration among people and agencies within search and rescue, emergency and consequence management. It is the largest national search and rescue conference in Canada.

The Sea-Doo SAR watercraft was developed by BRP in partnership with the Chambly Fire Department. It was unveiled earlier this year during the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. BRP worked closely with the Chambly Fire Department to develop the Sea-Doo SAR watercraft as a utility vehicle dedicated to life-saving professionals. The Sea-Doo SAR watercraft combines the features rescue professionals need to respond in life-threatening situations. You can see the Sea-Doo SAR in action below.

“At the Chambly Fire Department, we wanted to minimize the risk of injury to our water rescue team while improving the performance of our watercraft. We worked with BRP engineers at developing a safe, robust yet powerful and nimble SAR watercraft, one tailored to our needs,” said Nicolas Drapeau , Deputy Fire Chief.



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Jean-Baptiste Bottie, the new 2014 PRO OPEN World Champion on his Sea-Doo RXP-X

Jean-Baptiste Bottie, the new 2014 PRO OPEN World Champion on his Sea-Doo RXP-X

BRP led the 2014 IJSBA World Finals with a weekend of excitement with Sea-Doo riders Jean-Baptiste Botti winning the premier Pro Open world championship and James Bushell winning the Pro GP world championship. Both riders claimed their victories on Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 models with this being Botti’s first Pro Open world title and Bushell’s seventh world title in four years.

James Bushell 2014 Pro GP World Champion

“The RXP-X T3 hull has been so good to me and has been key to winning seven World Titles*,” said Bushell. “The T3 hull dynamics combined with the Ergolock system and my Sea-Doo Centre engine package allows me to maintain maximum speed around the entire track.”

“BRP’s 12 Pro World Titles in the last four years in the premier racing classes is a resounding statement for the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 model,” said Julie Tourville, Global Marketing Director, Sea-Doo watercraft. “Both Botti and Bushell depended on the exclusive Sea-Doo RXP-X T3 hull that allowed them to track straight through chop and lean into corners to turn tighter and faster.”

BRP would like to congratulate the following Sea-Doo X-TEAM riders on their 2014 IJSBA World Finals performances and riding their Sea-Doo watercraft to championships.


Jean-Baptiste Botti – Porto Vecchio, France – Sea-Doo RXP-X


James Bushell – Wisbech, Combs, UK – Sea-Doo RXP-X


Jayme Cheney – West Fargo, ND – Sea-Doo SPX


Mohammad Burbayea – Kuwait – Sea-Doo RXP-X


Abdulrahmen Alomar – Kuwait – Sea-Doo SPX


Rashed Al Rashed – Kuwait – Sea-Doo SPARK


Phadit Buree – Thailand- Sea-Doo SPARK

The IJSBA World Finals is the largest watercraft specific event in North America where the best racers from around the globe converge to compete for World Championships. In addition to the high-caliber racing, BRP also hosted the fourth annual Sea-Doo Ultimate Owners Ride that saw a fleet of Sea-Doo watercraft owners ride from Lake Havasu to Pirate Cove Resort in Topock, CA.


The activities continued Saturday with the “Under the London Bridge” night show that showcased the special Sea-Doo Bounty SPARK Challenge invitational competition.

As for the main event, the Sea-Doo #SPARKSOMEFUN concert was a blast with internationally known music artist, TV personality, and former pro Sea-Doo watercraft racer, Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice at the Sea-Doo #SPARKSOMEFUN concert.

Vanilla Ice at the Sea-Doo #SPARKSOMEFUN concert.

Visit the Sea-Doo brand on Facebook at to view images from the 2014 IJSBA World Finals and to learn about upcoming events.

*James Bushell has won the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Pro GP world titles and 2011, 2012 Pro Open world titles on a RXP-X T3 hull equipped Sea-Doo watercraft and the 2013 Pro Stock world title aboard a Sea-Doo RXP-X 260.



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Dr. Doo is back, and will be providing technical information to help ensure the good health of your Sea-Doo watercraft.  This monthly blog will include tips and insight on seasonal maintenance, systems care, and the products to help maximize your Sea-Doo Life.

As days become shorter the Sea-Doo watercraft riding season comes closer to an end. Now is the time to begin preparing your Sea-Doo watercraft for winter months. Non-use of your watercraft can be more damaging than excessive use if the proper preventive maintenance isn’t performed properly and in a timely manner.

For those who live north of the Sunbelt, the long winter months can wreak havoc on various components. BRP provides a host of XPS® products specifically designed to compliment the winterization performed by an authorized Sea-Doo dealer.

A trained and certified BRP technician knows the procedures to properly prepare your watercraft for months of non-use and the harsh conditions of a cold winter.

You too can help the health of you watercraft by following these simple tips.

Prevent Fuel-Related Problems with the Right Fuel Treatment Products

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.46.14 AMTo minimize condensation build up in the fuel system, you should end with a full tank. When you fill your tank for the last time, Use BRP’s XPS Fuel Stabilizer or XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment to properly store and treat today’s fuel.

Depending on your weekend adventure schedules, your watercraft may be used infrequently and fuel can be aged 30 days or longer before it’s utilized in an engine. Fuel-related problems increase as the fuel ages. Therefore, fuel should be treated to stabilize and combat the risks of fuel system corrosion, fuel oxidation, the accumulation of fuel system deposits and phase separation. Keep fuel fresh and help prevent these fuel-related problems using XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatments. This goes beyond Sea-Doo watercraft but is applicable to any machine that uses a combustion engine.   

Fuel System Corrosion

Ethanol is an alcohol, and alcohols have corrosive properties. Both XPS Fuel Stabilizer and XPS Carbon Free have effective corrosion inhibitors that coat fuel system components to provide protection against the corrosive effects of ethanol-blended fuels. Blended fuels such as E10 degrade quickly and attract moisture that can lead to internal engine corrosion. Unlike your car, these problems are more severe for engines that sit idle and don’t have fresh fuel moving through the lines and injectors daily.

Fuel Oxidation

Both XPS Fuel Stabilizer and XPS Carbon Free have antioxidants that stabilize fuel and inhibit fuel oxidation. All petroleum products – gasoline, gasoline ethanol blends and all mineral and synthetic oils – contain hydrocarbons. Oxidation occurs when hydrocarbons react with oxygen and break chemical bonds.

This breakdown can occur in as soon as 15 days. Carbureted engines and vehicles with vented fuel systems are prone to rapid oxidation, and water contamination risk is increased due to humidity and condensation from temperature fluctuations – especially for watercraft that are near open water. For these reasons, fuel stored in a container or in an engine’s fuel tank should be treated quickly after purchase.

Fuel System Deposits

Fuel system gum and varnish deposits are the products of oxidation. These new, clustered compounds in oxidized clog fuel system components and can lead to difficult starting, non-starting, power loss or engine failure. XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment is a complete treatment and an addition to fighting the start of oxidation, it has functional cleaning/detergency properties to both prevent and help clean and remove system deposits that ruin engine performance. The XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment will help clean carbon deposits on the piston and in the combustion chamber, in turn helping maintain engine performance.

Phase Separation

Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it has properties that attract. Approximately 0.5% water content will mix with E10 and burn harmlessly in an engine with few, if any, noticeable effects by the user. When this percentage is exceeded, most often from other methods of water contamination, the fuel blend can no longer suspend the water and it forms a separate, visible layer below the gasoline. Ethanol itself will not “grab” enough water vapor from the air to create phase separation – additional water comes from other contamination, commonly in the form of condensation from high humidity and rapid, broad temperature changes.

Unfortunately, there is no safe cure for phase separation and any product claiming otherwise makes a false claim. Once a fuel blend has separated, the fuel must be removed from the fuel system and discarded properly. The only safeguard for phase separation is to try and stop water contamination before it starts with careful fuel management.

  • Use XPS Fuel Stabilizer and XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment to protect against corrosion, stabilize fuel to fight oxidation and prevent fuel system deposits. It also cleans the fuel system and combustion chamber.
  •  Keep tanks full to reduce available interior surface area for condensation.
  • Try to avoid using non treated fuel in your Sea-Doo watercraft that was purchased more than 30 days prior.
  • Purchase fuel from busy fuel stations to ensure you fill up with the freshest fuel.
  • Avoid storing your watercraft and fuel containers in high humidity areas when possible.
  • Finally, avoid using a product that contains alcohol. Alcohol is often added to some manufacturer’s products as a means of suspending additional water in solution to prevent phase separation. Additional alcohol, when added to the an E10 fuel, is increasing the alcohol content to levels greater than the 10% rating that manufacturers warn users not to exceed.


Prevents Corrosion

Prevents Oxidation

Prevents Fuel System Deposits

Cleans Fuel and Intake Systems

XPS Fuel Stabilizer


XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment

 Taking your Sea-Doo Rotax engine to its most basic form explains why fuel treatment is so important. For a combustion engine to operate properly it needs three things: air, fuel, and spark. BRP XPS fuel treatment products can ensure 1/3 of that equation is trouble free. For more information on these and other maintenance products click on XPS.

Sea-Doo Spark – One Year After Becoming The Watercraft Industry’s Instant Star.


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BRP is world renown for shaping the future of the powersports world and the impact the Sea-Doo Spark model had on the watercraft industry added to the company’s many monumental product launches. It has been a little over a year since the Sea-Doo Spark was launched to the public and since then the energy and excitement this revolutionary product has made is nothing short of amazing. Sea-Doo has long been the leading watercraft brand world-wide yet BRP knew there was an opportunity to offer a product that would make the dream of owning a Sea-Doo watercraft a reality with a completely re-thought and re-engineered design that made the Sea-Doo life more accessible to more people.

Lets take a high level look at the first year on the market of the Sea-Doo Spark.

Sea-Doo Spark unveil for the International Press.

Sea-Doo Spark unveil for the International Press.

September 9, 2013 – The Sea-Doo Spark was introduced to the International Press at Universal City Walk


September 11, 2013 – The Sea-Doo Spark was introduced to the North American Press in Orlando, Florida

September 15, 2013 – The BRP dealer network and the world was introduced to the new Sea-Doo Spark at the Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. Soon after, the first production units were being shipped to Brazil, Australia and other southern hemisphere countries.

September 26, 2013 – The First container of Sea-Doo Spark units arrive in Australia. .

October 4, 2013 – The first production Sea-Doo Spark units are shipped to the US dealer network.

October 12, 2013 – BRP sparks some fun in Topock, California in conjunction with the IJSBA World Finals as the first public rides of the Spark are offered to Sea-Doo participants of the Sea-Doo Ultimate Owners Ride III.

Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons and the Sea-Doo Spark

Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons and the Sea-Doo Spark

November 9, 2013 – World Tour professional surfer and Australian legend Sally Fitzgibbons unveils BRP’s latest watercraft, the Sea-Doo Spark PWC, at an exclusive event in Sydney.

November 16-17, 2013 – Fans and spectators of the P1 AquaX event in St. Cloud, Florida see the Sea-Doo Spark on Display.

January 2, 2014 – The Sea-Doo Spark makes its boat show debut at the New York and Houston international Boat Shows.

2014 NMMA Innovation award winning Sea-Doo Spark

2014 NMMA Innovation award-winning Sea-Doo Spark

February 13, 2014 – The BWI (Boating Writers International) present BRP with the NMMA Innovation award for the Sea-Doo Spark, the sixth for BRP in six years.

March 16, 2014 – The Sea-Doo Events Team begins the #SPARKSOMEFUN Miami Take Over with various Sea-Doo Spark activities in South Florida leading up to the SPARKSOMEFUN Deadmau5 concert.

March 23, 2014 – A week-long of Sea-Doo activities in Miami, Florida culminate with a SPARKSOMEFUN concert with performance artist David Garilbaldi and EDM producer Deadmau5 at South Beach’s Fountainblue resort.

March 24, 2014 – Deadmau5 and Vanilla Ice go have fun riding the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft near downtown Miami, Florida.

DSC00783April  4, 2014 – The Sea-Doo #SPARKSOMEFUN Test Ride Tour begins its 33 stop, four-month, North American tour in Pompano Beach, Florida.

April 30, 2014 – The Sea-Doo Spark receives the Edison Award silver medal for innovation in San Francisco, California.

May 1, 2014 – Boating Industry named the Sea-Doo Spark one of their Best New Products for 2014.

May 3, 2014 – YouTube video producer Devin Supertramp shots his, “Skateboarding on Water” Wakeskate video with the NIKE wakeskate team behind the Sea-Doo Spark. The video has been viewed over one million times.

July 10, 2014 – The Sea-Doo Spark wins the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.

July, 2014 – The Sea-Doo Spark proves to be the star of the summer as young families  search the BRP dealer network for the Spark of their choice.

September 15, 2014 – The 2015 Sea-Doo line of watercraft is launched to the public.


There were thousands more highlights for the Sea-Doo Spark in its first year and most of those included the fun had by the thousands of owners who joined the Sea-Doo family by purchasing the most accessible watercraft on the market, the Sea-Doo Spark. You can join the trend setters by pre-ordering you Sea-Doo Spark, or any of the other models of the Sea-Doo watercraft family by simply clicking SPARKSOMEFUN!










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2015 SEA-DOO SPARK -ACTION A8BRP has long been the leading supporter of watercraft racing and is coming into the 2014 IJSBA World Finals with a special exhibition Sea-Doo #GOXTEAMGO Spark Challenge. As the manufacturer who gave birth to the performance watercraft with the introduction of the 1991 Sea-Doo XP, BRP has continuously set the benchmark in what a performance watercraft is. Today that is defined by the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260, the winningest runabout model of the past two World Championships. Where there are performance machines, there are racers and the Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty program rewards the racers who successfully compete on Sea-Doo watercraft.

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty racer contingency program is the industry’s premier and highest paying contingency program and acts as an, “open-sponsorship” that all riders competing in the designated classes are eligible for extra cash contingencies. The Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty is a program BRP offers to help Sea-Doo racers offset some of the financial elements of racing, a program no other OEM offers. The World Finals Bounty payout is strong for 2014 and can make winning a World Championship all the more rewarding.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.10.16 PM

In addition to the Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty program, BRP supports the majority of the north american race promoters/producers. Sponsorship funds are provided to help elevate the quality and quantity of watercraft racing events and to provide Sea-Doo owners events to feed their competitive spirit.

It has become a tradition for BRP to produce a special Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty exhibition competition by inviting the world’s elite Sea-Doo watercraft racers to compete in a special event at the World Finals. For 2014 BRP will be inviting those who have landed on podiums in premier classes during the 2014 season to compete in a special International Race Of Champions (IROC) aboard identically prepared Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft.

The field of ten will qualify Friday evening, October 10th, with the fastest five riders on the slalom course moving on to the final. On Saturday night, those final five X-TEAM riders will compete head-to-head in a five-lap moto during the IJSBA “Bounty Under the Bridge” show, under the London Bridge. Then, on Sunday October 12, Sea-Doo racers will need to complete another three-lap moto 2 on the official World Finals track. The winner of the combined motos will take home $1000 while the other four competitors will claim $100 for their efforts.

2014 Sea-Doo Bounty #GOXTEAMGO SPARK Challenge Invitees include:

With identical Sea-Doo Spark units the competition should be ultra competitive and make for an entertaining show.  The Sea-Doo Spark is the most affordable, light-weight, and easy to use watercraft on the market making the dream of owning a Sea-Doo watercraft more accessible than ever before.

Be part of the world’s strongest performance brand, cheer on the Sea-Doo X-TEAM.



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