2018 RXT-X 300 Wins Design Award


The newly redesigned Sea-Doo RXT-X has received the coveted Good Design Australia award. The award was conferred to BRP Sea-Doo in recognition of the innovative design and engineering that:

unlocks new experiences [for consumers] to enjoy. Its revolutionary design enhances the watercraft lifestyle with new on-board leisure features that expands what riders can do. The Sea-Doo RXT-X model is the first personal watercraft to offer seamless integrations of style, function and performance to exceed the consumer’s needs.” – Good Design Australia

Discover all the award-winning features of the 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300.

2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X in Neon Yellow and Lava Grey.

2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X in Ice Metal and Lava Red.



Video: With a passion for PWC riding and clean waterways, volunteers gathered to collect trash at the Sea-Doo Clean Sea project in Miami and Saint Petersburg, Florida over the Earth Day weekend.

Clean Sea Project: Clean Waterways For All to Enjoy

Sea-Doo enthusiasts, and Sea-Doo X-TEAM racers collected nearly two dumpsters worth of trash in Florida as part of the Earth Day weekend Sea-Doo Clean Sea Project.

Sea-Doo X-Team Racers participate in Sea-Doo Clean Sea project over Earth Day weekend. (Left to right: Tim Ducat and Jay Edworthy at Miami Marine Stadium, Viginia Key.)

To mark Earth Day and celebrate Sea-Doo’s 50th Anniversary, we gathered about thirty owners of PWCs – passionate people determined to make a change – to clean up  beaches in Miami and Saint Petersburg. This clean-up effort was to keep our waterways trash-free, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature. Hundreds of pounds of debris, including mattresses, old shoes, foam, fiberglass, hundreds of cans and bottles were collected from area islands and shorelines.

Sea-Doo Clean Sea project volunteers at the shoreline cleanup effort in Miami.

PWC enthusiasts from area watercraft clubs, and Sea-Doo race team members of all ages volunteered. The two-hour effort was hosted by Sea-Doo with support from Waste Management. Sea-Doo provided all Clean Sea Project volunteers with gloves, trash bags, clean up caps.

Cleaning the shoreline today for a cleaner waterway tomorrow for all to enjoy.

BRP employees volunteering at the Sea-Doo Clean Sea project – carrying out bag after bag of collected trash that had once littered the shoreline.

Group of Clean Sea volunteers cleaned up lots of trash and debris – including this large life preserver. After the clean up only beautiful beaches and shorelines remained – no more trash.

Everyone is invited to participate everyday and support this Clean Sea Project effort in their community. We hope this can lead to a movement among a network that works together for something bigger than us.



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On Saturday the 21st of April 2018, BRP, makers of Sea-Doo watercraft, will celebrate and support Earth Day weekend with the launch of the Sea-Doo Clean Sea project – a shoreline/island clean-up effort in two Florida locations; Miami Marine Stadium in Miami and Maximo Park in St. Petersburg.

This clean-up effort is to help keep waterways trash-free so that all can enjoy the beauty of nature, will be powered by volunteers from various personal watercraft (PWC) clubs from the local areas and sponsored by Sea-Doo.

Miami & Tampa

At 9 AM ET, on the Saturday of Earth Day weekend, a fleet of PWC owners will gather and then ride out to designated areas to pick up trash and debris from beaches and shorelines. All collected garbage will taken to a dedicated drop off location to be picked up for disposal by Waste Management. A deliciously wholesome and earth-friendly lunch will be provided to all volunteers after the clean-up.

As Sea-Doo celebrates its 50th anniversary of continual environmentally responsible innovation, BRP embraces the opportunity to start an environmental responsibility movement. BRP envisions that the Clean Sea project will become an annual event that will eventually expand from a local Florida program to a worldwide initiative, one that will continue through the next 50 years and beyond.


DATE AND TIME: Saturday, 21 April 2018, 9AM start time with 12/1PM ET trash drop-off window.

TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG MEET UP AND DEBRIS DROP OFF LOCATION: – Trash bags, Gloves, and Event Hat will be provided to first 100 PWC volunteers. 
Maximo Park – South West Point Beach
Pinellas Point Dr. South & Sunshine Skyway Ln S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33711



MIAMI MEET UP LOCATIONS: – Trash bags, Gloves, and Event Hat will be provided to first 100 PWC volunteers. 
Key Biscayne Boat Ramp

4000 Crandon Blvd.
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Watson Island Park
1050 MacArthur Causeway.
Miami, FL 33132

Miami Marine Stadium – slightly west of historic grandstands.
3501 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, FL 33711

Sea-Doo will be organizing the effort and working with local PWC clubs, providing the first 105 volunteers with heavy duty trash bags, gloves, and a commemorative Sea-Doo Clean Sea Project cap during the clean up and select drop off location volunteers event shirts. Lunch for volunteers will be provided by Sea-Doo and begins at 12PM ET. The PWC Clubs and on-line communities include: Jet Junkies, South Florida Riders, Tampa PWC Club, and the Florida Jet Riders.

The Sea-Doo Clean Sea Project is part of BRP’s many environmentally responsible initiatives and is looking to involve the Personal Watercraft community to start a Clean Sea Movement as the brand starts their next 50 years.

For information about the event:
Tim McKercher
Community and Media Relations – Sea-Doo Watercraft



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Valcourt, QC, CANADA– April 10, 2018 – Sea-Doo enters the 2018 watercraft racing season with tremendous buzz and excitement with the launch of the new RXT-X 300 model. Anticipation is high for the redesigned Sea-Doo RXT-X to make its official debut in the popular P1 AquaX enduro racing series. New riders will be joining the X-TEAM in 2018 and all Sea-Doo racers competing is select events are eligible for the Sea-Doo Bounty racer contingency program.

The 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 watercraft is poised to follow in the dominant racing wake of championship proven Sea-Doo RXP-X; the two-seat watercraft that has set the handling standard in closed course racing. The RXT-X 300 enters the enduro racing world with new ST3 hull and lowered rider center of gravity that combines to offer 30% more stability at rest and when charging through big water at speed. The new design innovations, including the rider Ergolock system that allows riders to better connect with the machine, has the racing community excited for the start of the 2018 season.

BRP will sponsor premier racing events including the P1 AquaX Series, Pro Watercross Tour, IJSBA World Finals and others and will see elite racers representing the Sea-Doo X-TEAM in 2018. These racers include, Erminio Ianstosca, James Bushell, Mohammad Burbayea, Claude Clayton, Tim Ducat and fan-favorite Anthony Radetic. Radetic, who is a former Army Helicopter pilot and renowned, challenged athlete who has limited use of his legs. Radetic and Iantosca will also be ambassadors for XPS lubricants and maintenance products. Joining the X-TEAM in 2018 is the JET-X team from Ontario, Canada with Pro rider Jay Edworthy who will be at the helm of a new RXT-X 300. Edworthy will join Iantosca – the Sarasota AquaX champion – and Radetic as favorites to finish on the Pro Enduro podium at P1 AquaX events.

The X-TEAM riders and all Sea-Doo watercraft riders will be eligible for Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty. The Sea-Doo X-TEAM contingency is essentially an, “open-sponsorship” that excludes no one, except those competing on other brands. To supercharge the P1 AquaX season opener in Miami an additional $1500 bonus will be added to the $1000 Pro Enduro win bounty for a $2500 top finish incentive. In addition to the glory that comes with winning on Sea-Doo watercraft, comes the opportunity for extra prize money.

“Sea-Doo is ready to compete for championships in AquaX with the new RXT-X 300,” says Tim McKercher, of Sea-Doo watercraft competition management. ”Sea-Doo’s global fan base including the dealer network, owners and race fans are excited for 2018 as we’re looking to extend our race-proven success to Enduro racing with the new RXT-X platform.”

Click here to view the 2018 SeaDoo X-TEAM Bounty Program and Payouts

Click Here to view and download the 2018 Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty Redemption Form

For a complete overview of the new performance line of Sea-Doo watercraft, visit www.sea-doo.com.

1968-2018: 50 Years of Sea-Doo Watercraft



This year, we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we’re taking a look back at the innovation, design and evolution of our watercraft.

From the first Sea-Doo watercraft launched in 1968 to the 2018 debut of our award-winning GTX 300 Limited – with a revolutionary hull platform design that allows watercraft riders to go further and experience more, we’ve always been driven by a passion for design, a commitment to technological innovation and our desire to provide more people, more fun on the water.

Over that 50-year period, Sea-Doo has launched a fleet of benchmark setting watercraft models and established a multitude of innovation milestones.

50 Years of Sea-Doo History


In 1968, the first mass-produced, water jet-powered, sit-down personal watercraft was introduced as a Sea-Doo and with its launch – it launched an industry that has produced nearly two million personal watercrafts.

1968 Sea-Doo. First jet-powered aqua scooter.

Late ’60s advertisement for “Sea-Doo the Jet-Powered Aqua Scooter.”

The first Sea-Doo watercraft was introduced as a two-seat model powered by an air-cooled, 320cc Rotax engine. To prove its capabilities, Bombardier CEO and President at the time, Laurent Beaudoin and his management team rode new Sea-Doo watercraft from Montreal to New York City, a trip with over 430-miles through Lake Champlain and down the Hudson River.

Archive footage from 1968 depicting Sea-Doo watercraft on the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

At the time of its introduction, the first Sea-Doo was truly an innovative and futuristic concept which made a big splash with water enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the 1968/1969 model was a pop culture hit and was featured in a commercial from Fanta that aired in 1970.

1970 Fanta soda commercial featuring a 1969 Sea-Doo.


The Sea-Doo watercraft was re-launched. Powered by a 580cc Rotax rotary valve engine, the Sea-Doo 5801 model featured an innovative V-Hull design.

1988 Sea-Doo

1988 Sea-Doo.


Production team for the 1988 Sea-Doo.


The first three-seater watercraft was introduced as the Sea-Doo GT (Grand Touring) The GT offered greater storage and mechanical reverse system and was capable of legally pulling a skier with seating for a driver, spotter, and skier.

1990 Sea-Doo GT 3-seater watercraft

1990 Sea-Doo GT 3-seater watercraft.


The first high-performance Sea-Doo was introduced in the XP model featuring twin carburetors and tuned exhaust pipe and commanded attention with aggressive graphics.

1991 Sea-Doo XP

1991 Sea-Doo XP.


The Sea-Doo HX featured the first suspension seat that lowered the rider’s center of gravity during aggressive, lean-in cornering. The XP 785 was also introduced in 1995 utilizing the tuneable X4 hull and powered by the 785 cc R.A.V.E. engine. The XP 785 model (later XP800) has the most watercraft racing wins of all time.

1995 Sea-Doo HX

1995 Sea-Doo HX with suspension seat.


The most redefining watercraft design of the first 40 years was that of the 1997 Sea-Doo XP that included a suspension seat and hyperbolic hull design and was later named ‘Watercraft of the Century’ by Watercraft World Magazine.

1997 Sea-Doo XP

1997 Sea-Doo XP.


Sea-Doo lead the industry with clean and quiet technology in the GTX RFI model (Rotax semi-direct fuel injection) reducing emissions by 15% and lowering noise output with the D-Sea-Bel sound reduction technology.

1998 Sea-Doo GTX RFI

1998 Sea-Doo GTX RFI.


The Millennium edition models came equipped with DI (Direct Injection) technology to further reduce emissions and the Sea-Doo Learning Key that electronically controlled acceleration and top speed for new riders.

2000 Sea-Doo GTX DI

2000 Sea-Doo GTX DI


Four-Stroke technology was introduced in the GTX 4-TEC models and also included O.P.A.S. (Off Powered Assisted Steering) for an added level of control.

2002 Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC

2002 Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC.


The supercharged Sea-Doo RXP 215 was the first watercraft to top 200HP and its ominous design defined the category of modern “musclecraft.”

2004 Sea-Doo RXP 215

2004 Sea-Doo RXP 215.


Innovation reached new heights with the launch of iControl that included the first and only braking system (iBR), electronically adjustable throttle system (iTC) and full-rider, self-adjusting suspension system (iS).

2009 Sea-Doo watercraft.

2009 Sea-Doo watercraft.


Watercraft performance was truly redefined with the RXP-X 260 featuring the T3 (Tight-Turning, T-Shape) hull that cuts through chop and leans into corners tighter than any hull before it and the complimenting rider Ergolock system with narrowing seat and knee flairs allowing the rider to maximize the available power by feeling one with the machine. The RXP-X has been undefeated at the IJSBA World Finals in the Pro Open and Pro GP classes since its introduction.

2012 Sea-Doo RXP-X - Racer James Bushell

2012 Sea-Doo RXP-X and PWC Racer James Bushell.


The Sea-Doo SPARK was a design and engineering case study, built to be accessible and fun for the next generation of Sea-Doo owners, redefining how a watercraft (or any product) could be built,. The SPARK was based on the mandate of being Clean, Affordable, Easy and Fun at a price almost anyone could afford. The SPARK has contributed to the watercraft industry’s 60% growth since its introduction, by bringing new people into the sport.

2014 Sea-Doo SPARK

2014 Sea-Doo SPARK in Orange Crush and Bubble Gum.


The Rotax 1630 ACE engine producing 300HP set new benchmarks in Sea-Doo performance, with 0-60mph acceleration being achieved in under five-seconds.

2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300.


50 years later innovation continues, with the introduction of the 2018 Sea-Doo GTX, RXT, and WAKE PRO with more usable space, plug and play accessories, superior stability in any conditions, ingenious storage and a Bluetooth audio sound system. Life onboard has completely changed. This new platform has a lower center of gravity along with the new ultra stable ST3 hull. Sea-Doo riders can take their adventures further than ever before with the new 2018 watercraft models.

2018 Sea-Doo GTX Limited

2018 Sea-Doo GTX Limited.




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Sea-Doo won its record-setting eighth National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show for its  GTX Limited. The award honors manufacturers who bring new and innovative products to the boating industry. The luxury flagship GTX Limited model redefines the premium personal watercraft with extended capabilities that enhance the rider experience.

“The Sea-Doo GTX Limited was the most innovative product we saw at Miami International Boat Show this year,” said judges committee Co-Chair Zuzana Prochazka. “The combination of easy access storage, rider ergonomics, and LinQ accessories make it the ultimate adventure watercraft.”

“Sea-Doo has a rich history of innovation in design, engineering and technology, which started 50 years ago when we introduced the world’s first personal watercraft,” said Marc R. Lacroix, Global Marketing Director for Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP. “We are honored to be recognized for our 8th NMMA Innovation Award. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to producing industry-leading innovation that allow our customers to escape the everyday.”

The revolutionary new platform on the Sea-Doo GTX Limited delivers a premium on-board experience. Ground-breaking innovation is found throughout, including three industry firsts: a cargo compartment designed for easy access from a seated position, a waterproof Bluetooth audio system, and a reconfigurable rear seat. The GTX Limited also has industry-leading stability and control for the best experience both at speed and at rest.



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Sea-Doo a établi un record en remportant pour la huitième fois le prix de l’innovation de la National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) au Salon nautique international 2018 de Miami pour sa motomarine GTX Limited. Ce prix récompense les entreprises qui proposent des produits novateurs dans le secteur de la navigation de plaisance. Le modèle phare de luxe GTX Limited redéfinit la catégorie des motomarines haut de gamme grâce à ses capacités étendues qui enrichissent l’expérience du conducteur.

« Le Sea-Doo GTX Limited a été le produit le plus novateur que nous avons vu au Salon nautique international de Miami cette année », a déclaré la coprésidente du jury, Zuzana Prochazka. « Son rangement à accès facile, son ergonomie et les accessoires LinQ en font la motomarine d’aventure ultime. »

« Sea-Doo compte une riche histoire d’innovation sur les plans de la conception, de l’ingénierie et de la technologie qui a commencé il y a 50 ans lorsque nous avons commercialisé la toute première motomarine au monde », a noté Marc R. Lacroix, directeur mondial du marketing pour Ski-Doo et Sea-Doo chez BRP. « Ce huitième prix de l’innovation de la NMMA nous honore. Il témoigne de notre engagement ferme à créer des produits innovants et uniques dans l’industrie qui permettent à nos clients de s’échapper du quotidien. »

La nouvelle plateforme révolutionnaire de la Sea-Doo GTX Limited offre une expérience de navigation de première qualité. On retrouve des innovations révolutionnaires dans tous les aspects du produit, y compris trois nouveautés dans le secteur : un coffre conçu pour faciliter l’accès depuis la position assise, un système audio Bluetooth hydrofuge et un siège arrière configurable. La GTX Limited se démarque également par une stabilité et un contrôle à la fine pointe de l’industrie qui offrent la meilleure expérience tant à la vitesse de croisière qu’au repos.



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  • RXP-X model wins premier Pro Open world title for seventh straight year
  • 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 watercraft generates buzz at public reveal
  • Sea-Doo Bounty Invitational showcases stability and handling of new RXT-X 300


Burbayea claims his first Pro Open championship on his Sea-Doo RXP-X

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM extends the legacy of Sea-Doo watercraft dominance to seven consecutive years in the two premier IJSBA Pro World Championship classes. Kuwait’s Mohammed Burbayea captured his first Pro Open championship aboard his Sea-Doo RXP-X model and Hungary’s György Kasza added to his championships finishing atop the Pro GP class.



György Kasza adds to his World Championships

Sea-Doo riders added to the podium count with Kasza finishing as the runner up in Pro Open. In Pro GP it was UK’s prolific James Bushell finishing second and Marcus Jorgenson of Denmark completing the X-TEAM podium sweep finishing in third. Kylie Elmers also added another Pro Women’s championship to her resume aboard her Sea-Doo Centre backed RXP-X 300. The event, attended by the top riders in the world, proved the dynasty of performance dominance lives with the Sea-Doo T3 hull equipped watercraft models.

Test Rides on the new, 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 and GTX Limited.

Ready to carry the X-TEAM winning legacy to endurance racing is the 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 model with all-new ST3 hull. The new Sea-Doo RXT, GTX, and WAKE PRO watercraft models made their public debut at IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ where guests were able to test ride the new platform featuring the ST3 hull. Numerous racers and performance enthusiasts said this new platform would be the one to beat in 2018 in part because of its incredible rough water stability and lowered rider center of gravity.


Select X-TEAM racers showcased the performance and specifically the stability and precise handling of the new RXT-X 300 in the Sea-Doo Bounty Invitational event. The Sea-Doo Bounty is a racer contingency program that pays Sea-Doo watercraft racers extra money for top finishes and includes a special World Finals event. Florida’s Erminio Iantosca and Australia’s Gee Greenland competed in the Sea-Doo Bounty ‘Pop Man’ Invitational final where both riders rode the new 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 model around the World Finals track while having to pop several buoys in attempt to post the fastest one-lap time. Greenland showcased the RXT-X 300 stable and precise handling abilities the best by narrowly edging Iantosca by a mere three tenths of a second to claim the $1000 bonus.

Visit Sea-Doo on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SeaDoo to view images from the 2017 IJSBA World Finals and to learn about upcoming events.

György Kasza crosses the finish line to another championship







James Bushell finishes second in Pro GP on his 158Performance RXP-







Test Rides aboard the new RXT-X 300 and GTX Limited with ST3 hull








Marcus Jorgensen performed well in his Pro Debut.








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North America:

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Wake Beauty AY5I0092-1_cb

2018 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 230

Rip, shred and catch some serious air on Sea-Doo® WAKETM models. Thanks to exclusive tow-focused features like Ski Mode, a Ski Pylon and Board Rack, all riders have to do is grab a board and get on the water.

The all-new Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230 is loaded with exclusive features designed to maximize the thrill and heart-racing excitement of tow sports. It has Sea-Doo’s revolutionary new platform, delivering the most stable ride in the industry, along with extra space for prepping, easy reboarding and an optional bumpin’ 100W Bluetooth Audio System.

The Sea-Doo WAKE 155 is quick, nimble, affordable and born to tow. When riders have the watersports bug, the playful WAKE 155 and its award-winning GTI™ hull is the perfect entry into the tow sports segment.

Both Sea-Doo WAKE models are built to enhance the on-water experience so riders can maximize their active lifestyle.

Standard features:

  • 3-Position Retractable Ski Pylon
  • Removable Wakeboard Rack
  • Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR)
  • Re-boarding Ladder
  • Cruise Control and Slow Mode
  • Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with Ski Mode
  • Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
  • Anti-Theft Security System (D.E.S.S.)
  • iControl® Learning Key®

NEW Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230

Stability, Power and Music to Tow like a Pro

WAKE PRO 230_DSC07630_MY18

2018 Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230

The Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230 is the ultimate tow sports machine, destined to be the watercraft of choice for those who demand peak tow performance on the water. It is based on an entirely new platform introduced by Sea-Doo on select 2018 models, which provides a revolutionary on-board experience and industry-leading stability and control.

The Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230 is powered by a supercharged 230 horsepower Rotax® 1500 HO ACE engine. It can carry up to three riders and reach a top speed of 65mph (105 KM/H). Available colors include Teal blue and lava red.

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

Superior Stability and Control

The new platform’s industry-leading stability and control starts with a lower center of gravity, which provides more confidence in rough water, at high speeds, and with three passengers. It is also wider for worry-free re-boarding and movement around the watercraft, and there’s up to a 90-pound weight reduction from previous model years. Combine that with a new, deep-V ST³ hull that increases performance in rough water and provides better control while cornering, and riders have the best of all worlds in any condition.

Powerful Audio System (optional)

A powerful, 100-watt stereo is a cornerstone of the on-board experience. It is the world’s first Bluetooth, fully-integrated waterproof watercraft audio system. It features 100 watts of total power, is built to withstand harsh watercraft environments, has Bluetooth connectivity, and its external playback controls ensure the perfect song is always on deck.

Ingenious Storage

Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230 has a spacious 27-gallon (102.5 L) direct-access front cargo compartment designed for easy access to all gear from a seated position – simply raise the handlebar and reach in. There is also a waterproof, shockproof compartment with an optional USB charger accessory that allows phones to stay charged and ready to go. A new LinQ quick-attach rear cargo system is also standard, allowing for simple, easy-snap accessory connection in seconds without tools.

Available LinQ accessories:

  • NEW LinQ Ski Pylon: High-rise pylon with built-in grab handles for the spotter, which can be installed or removed in 30 seconds.
  • Fuel Caddy: Holds up to 4 gallons (15L) of fuel in an easy-to-pour canister.
  • Cargo Bag: Semi-rigid, 5.5-gallon (21L) storage that can stack on top of the fuel caddy.
  • Cooler: Rigid, durable and weather-resistant cooler that keeps 4.2 gallons (16L) of content fresh and cold. It also acts as a table between reconfigured seats for on-water picnics.

 Reconfigurable Ergolock Seating

When it’s time to relax, a revolutionary reconfigurable rear seat transforms the ride into a living room on the water. When riding, the Ergolock seat provides unmatched control, handling and comfort by letting riders lock in and use their legs, making them feel at one with the machine, and riders can quickly change from a 3-seater configuration to a flat lounge area when stopped to enjoy the surroundings. Two riders can face each other for a picnic lunch, or when removed, the larger, flatter rear deck makes re-boarding and prep for tow sports easier and more stable.

The WAKE PRO 230 comes equipped with all standard features, and as well as:

  • Modular Ergolock Seat
  • Tilt Steering
  • High-performance Variable Trim System (VTS)
  • Exclusive Quick-Attach Rear Cargo System (LinQTM)
  • 27-gallon (102.5 L) direct-access front storage
  • Bluetooth audio system (optional)

Sea-Doo WAKE 155

Made to Make the Most of the Wake

WAKE 155 Action_24702_MY17_AC

2018 Sea-Doo WAKE 155

The Sea-Doo WAKE 155 is packed with features unique to the tow sports family and is a perfect entry-level choice for people wanting to stay active on the water. It is powered by the Rotax® 1503 NA engine, and reaches a top speed of 55mph (88 KM/H). It can carry up to three riders and is available in Teal blue and lava red.

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

The Sea-Doo WAKE 155 comes equipped with all standard features, as well as:

  • NEW Scratch and Impact-Resistant Lightweight Polytec™ Hull Material
  • 31 Gallons (117 L) of Storage

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

Additional Technology Detail

iBR (3rd Generation, available on models with the new platform)

Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boat safety since 2009 and now in its third generation, the Sea-Doo exclusive iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system allows riders to stop up to 160 feet (48 m) sooner than watercraft not using a brake. Furthermore, thanks to a redesigned reverse gate, maneuverability when braking and handling when in reverse are greatly improved. With both hands on the handlebars, riders can engage forward, neutral, and reverse for stable, worry-free maneuvering at low speeds.

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.



Intelligent Throttle Control adjusts to different driving modes.

  • SKI MODE: Tow the perfect line, every time. With multiple acceleration profiles, it’s easy for drivers to deliver a smooth launch and maintain a consistent pace so boarders can focus on riding like a pro.


VTS (WAKE PRO 230 only)

The high-performance Variable Trim System (VTS) allows riders to easily find the ideal trim for any situation.

WAKE Watercraft Engines

With unmatched performance, superior fuel efficiency and proven reliability, Rotax® engines set the standard in the industry. Every model features the industry-exclusive closed-loop cooling system to keep corrosive saltwater and debris out of the engine for added peace-of-mind. To top it off, all ACE™ superchargers are maintenance free.

^ Refer to the owner’s manual for further inspection information

  • Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230: The 230-hp, supercharged 1500 HO ACE is optimized for use with regular fuel and uses components from our top-of-the-line Rotax® 1630 ACE to provide high performance at a high value.

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

  • Sea-Doo WAKE 155: This is the most powerful, naturally aspirated Rotax engine Sea-Doo offers. It provides instant acceleration for instant fun. This engine has been tested for more than a decade and has proven to be incredibly reliable and fuel-efficient.

^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.


For a full rundown of its features and specifications, please consult your local dealer  and ask for a test ride!

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