Floridian, Troy Snyder is a successful businessman and embodies what the Sea-Doo X-TEAM is all about as the Reigning PRO STOCK PWC racing National Champion


SEA-DOO X-TEAM TUESDAY – August 9, 2011


NAME:                                TROY SNYDER

WATERSPORT:              PWC Racing

AGE:                                    39 years old

HOME PORT:                  Bradenton, Florida

FAMILY:                           Married with one child


The Sea-Doo X-TEAM is comprised of watersports enthusiasts who take their Sea-Doo activities beyond the norm. They are the true water breathers. Those who take their recreational time on the water and turn it into more; it could be a championship, a world record, an extreme adventure, inventor of new tricks and/or redefining style. Regardless of what it is it involves pushing the limits and their vehicle of choice to take them on this journey is Sea-Doo watercraft.

This Tuesday we talk to long time PWC racer Troy Snyder a self made, successful businessman with a competitive drive that bounces off the rev limiter. Snyder has been involved with the sport of PWC racing at the elite level since 1995 and has experienced a fair amount of success along with the heart breaks that come with the sport of racing. Regardless of what life paths he walked, the sport of PWC racing was in his blood, BRP yellow blood at that and today he continues his quest for racing glory. Lets get to know Troy a bit better and see what keeps his engine running.


Troy, where did you grow up and how was your competitive spirit developed?

I grew up in Bradenton, Florida, born and raised.  I grew up playing football but raced motocross on Honda 250r ATV (there was no CAN-AM then!), and actually won the Atlanta supercross back in maybe 1986…but I loved football. I was the starting strong safety on the 1989 Florida state 5A high school football championship team, the MANATEE HURRICANES.  We finished #2 in the USA Today national poll that year!  I went on to earn a scholarship to play at a small school in Kansas. So I guess you could say I became accustomed to winning.


Troy what do you do away from the water to stay on the water? What’s your profession?

Snyder is the hands on President of Snyder Built Custom Homes

I’m state certified residential contractor; state certified master plumber, and journeyman electrician.  I build between 20-30 $150,000 house from the ground up.  I don’t just ride around and let a telephone build my houses, I BUILD THEM! From clearing the land to turning the key to the front door, we do it from A-Z.   Thus the name of my company is SNYDER BUILT!  We remained strong during the housing downturn as we never stepped over our boundaries during the boom, we build close to the same number of houses today as we did five years ago. Being smart, consistent and steady wins the race!
How were you introduced to watersports?After college I had a good friend invite me to the beach to ride this Sea-Doo thing!  I was like, “what is it?”  He told me I’d love it!  It was a 1994 Sea-Doo SP I think with a 580cc engine!   What a blast. The next weekend I bought one!  Of course, the next model up so I could beat him!  My first Sea-Doo watercraft was a 1994 SPX with a 650cc engine, big stuff then.  A few weeks later I see a guy show up at Bayside Beach with numbers on PWC and that’s when I found out they raced PWCs.  With my motocross background, and the Sea-Doo being somewhat similar to a ATV – it had handlebars – I said, “I can win where do I go!”  That’s is how the bug bit me.

Tell the Sea-Doo fans about your first competition, how did it go?My first race was at Orlando, Florida. My buddies came with me and said, “Man, you have to race beginners!”  I said, “No way put me in expert. Well I didn’t I raced novice and WON!!!  They said I was crazy!

My best story is actually my first National Tour race!  I raced expert 1200 mod on my Sea-Doo XP 800 in Virginia Beach, VA in 1995.  In the mid-‘90s PWC racing was huge, factory semi’s, ESPN coverage; this was one of the original X-Sports. I drove there with my 16 yr old brother with my XP 800 in the back of my truck with no beach cart, tent, ATV, nothing!  We pulled into the pits and my brother asked me, “Troy you sure you can race with these guys?”  The Factory race team set-up in the pits was awesome but intimidating at the same time.  I took a me against the world attitude – which I still hold today, probably a little too much at times. I thought, these guys can’t beat me!  On the (starting) line there was about a dozen factory Yamaha WaveRaiders with me on my Sea-Doo!  Fifteen laps later in the big surf I was the winner!  Bruce Brahms, the Sea-Doo race manager then, ran over and asked who I was?  He screamed, “You the first guy to win a 1200cc national race on the XP 800 expert or pro!” “Really?”  Soon afterwards I teamed with world-class tuner Bo Dupriest and Neptune Racing and have been with him one way or another ever since.

Troy since then what are some of your accolades?

1995 Finished #13 Overall on the National Tour with one victory! Only raced two rounds!
1996  #2 Overall on the National Tour
1996 Broke the World Record time in Slalom at the World Finals
1997 #2 Overall at the World Finals
– Took a 12 year hiatus to grow a business and a family
2009 #4 Overall in Pro Stock on the National Tour
2009 #3 Overall at the World Finals in Pro Stock
2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION PRO STOCK on both the IJSBA & APBA National Tours
2010 #3 Overall in Pro Stock at the World Finals
2010 WORLD CHAMPION expert limited.
2011???? Tell you in a few months!

Where is your favorite PWC race site?

My favorite race site is everywhere I WIN!!!  But Lake Havasu in Arizona where the IJSBA World Finals (World Championships) are held every October is the coolest place to win!  A lot of tradition there!

What is it about PWC racing that keeps you coming back?

Snyder leads the pack to the first turn on his Neptune Racing Sea-Doo RXT-X

I love Racing!  Going into the first turn side-by-side with 11 other guys at 70 mph is my reason for racing!  I love it! I came out of retirement to teach my 8-year-old son, Tory how to win!  Best way to teach is to show him!  He’s my biggest fan and this is a great family sport to be involved in!

Troy, where is your favorite non-racing, riding location?

My favorite ride spot is “Bay Side” right by the Long Boat Key, Florida bridge!  You can be in the Gulf of Mexico in seconds and there is a great four to five feet break right offshore!

What are you racing right now and what are looking forward to?

I am competing in the Pro Stock class on a Neptune Racing prepared 2011 Sea-Doo RXT-X with additional support from Snyder Built, Slippery When Wet/Thor, Bomber Eyewear, JetTrim Neptune Racing and of course with the added support from the Sea-Doo X-TEAM Bounty racer contingency program.  I’m looking forward 2011 World Finals!  I have unfinished business with the Pro Stock class there!  I also can’t wait till I get my hands on a new Sea-Doo RXP-X 2012.  My son and I shot a video with the RXP-X focused on the new ERGOlock system before it was public that should be coming out before the World Finals. That was fun and should be pretty good because the new RXP-X is AWESOME! With Neptune Racing power this Sea-Doo watercraft might go undefeated next year!!

BRP thanks Troy Snyder for his time and dedication in regard to his the pursuit of PWC racing glory aboard Sea-Doo watercraft.  You can follow Troy on his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/sluggertroy