Nick Taylor - Free Spirited in the Florida Keys


NAME:                        Nick Taylor

SPORT:                       Wakeskating

AGE:                             22

PORT/Home:           Anna Maria Island, FLA

FAMILY:                    The Taylors


Nick Taylor could certainly be classified as a bonified “water breather”. Growing up on Florida’s Gulf Coast in a small vacation destination city surrounded by water he has spent the majority of his life doing things around, on, or in the water.  While many wakeskaters hone their skills via skateboards while not on the end of a rope, Taylor comes from a saltier background. Nick is a surfer at heart. But living on the West coast of Florida doesn’t offer a plethora of waves, so in comes Sea-Doo watercraft and small skiffs.

Taylor has taken his smooth, flowing style to the sport of wakeskating and is arguably a top five in the world rider right now.  He has built his own secret rail park in the mangroves of his back bay that can only be accessed by the shallow water capabilities of his Sea-Doo WAKE 155 to hone his skills, skills that allow him to land almost any trick, smooth and consistently. During the filming of the Sea-Doo/Nike 6.0 “DOO IT” wake skate how to videos, Taylor rode for nearly 4 miles straight completing the same trick roughly 50 times in a row with out a single fall. His talent and super model looks have rocketed him to being one of the most popular wakeskaters in the world and we caught up with him just before he was boarding a plane to film a epic adventure on the once a year wave that travels down a river in China.


Nick, where did you grow up and where does your passion for watersports come from?

I grew up on Anna Maria Island (Florida) and spent the majority of my childhood playing in the clear glassy saltwater of the Gulf. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.


Nick Taylor is part of the Nike 6.0/Sea-Doo Wakeskate Team

What do you do away from the water to stay on the water? What’s your profession?

My idea of “away from the water” is the time I have to sleep at night, but now that I’m living on the houseboat that my friends and I rebuilt, I’m still on the water! I am a professional wakeskater and global adventurer.


How were you introduced to Wakeskating?

Mostly through the generosity of the Webb family. Joe Webb gave me my first surfboard when I was 10 and learning how to surf changed my life. JD Webb moved away from the island at a young age and became a professional wakeboarder, and through what he sent back by means of videos and magazines, he introduced me to that side of watersports and it went off from there.


Nick, since then what are some of the adventurous rides you have done?

Six of Seven continents in one year, bullshark rivers in Australia, rice paddies in the Philippines, pulling into big waves in California and Hawaii, and boardsliding the deck of my houseboat.


Which is your favorite wakeskate related event you have been a part of?

Nike 6.0 Retention has been my favorite wakeskate competition, but there have been countless events that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of, that I could call my favorite.

Nick, how does Sea-Doo fit into your riding?

Having a Sea-Doo WAKE watercraft has been a crucial part of my personal progression and has allowed me to stay on point over the last few years. With all the improvements on the Wake Edition every year, it’s been amazing to see my feedback turned into new technologies and features.


Nick Taylor on his houseboat that is anchored near Jewfish Key in Sarasota Bay

Tell us about your backyard Houseboat and the salt life on Anna Maria.

The houseboat was my answer to living on my own, not wanting to pay rent, and wanting to stay close to the water. With my close circle of friends and our collective backgrounds in boatbuilding, carpentry, and “that should work”, we made the dream a reality.


What was the coolest riding you have done behind a Sea-Doo?

Whether it’s putting on a demo for hundreds of kids, or full-moon riding in some salty backwater lagoon, riding through volcanic islands in the South Pacific, or just a normal day at home wakeskating with my friends…  it’s all part of the same ride and I’ll never take it for granted.


What is it about Wakeskating that keeps you coming back?

Wakeskating is a creative outlet for me that never gets old. It’s a place where I can do things exactly how I want to and there’s no coach on the sidelines blowing a whistle at me. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible on a wakeskate and that’s pretty exciting to me also…  Simply riding a wakeskate across the water is an amazing feeling for sure.

The 2012 photo shoot included long days, Taylor take a quick siesta between shoots.

Nick, where is your favorite riding location and where is your dream ride?

Anywhere with crystal clear water, lots of plant and animal life, and no civilization in sight.



Who are you riding for right now and what adventures do you hope to do over the next year

Right now I’m riding for Nike, O’Neill, Sea-Doo, Rockstar, Republic, and Integrity Wakeskates

In 2 days, I’m going to China to wakeskate and surf on the tidal bore that runs through Hangzhou every year, the Silver Dragon. It’s gonna be insane! After that I’ll be spending most of the winter in the southern hemisphere. Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Brazil…

Thanks to Sea-Doo for all they’ve done for me and for their continued support of wakeskating over the years! I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of your help!

You can see Nick Taylor in action and see how he does some of his favorite wakeskate tricks behind the Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and Sea-Doo 230 SP boat in the wake section of sea-doo.com. here are a few samples.

BRP thanks Nick Taylor for his time and passion for the sport and dedication to push wakeskating forward and bring the youth into this activity.  You can follow Nick’s adventures on the OnBoard blog and on his Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/okaynowopenyoureyes