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Recreational boating is good, clean fun for the entire family.  Adults and kids enjoy the Sea-Doo lifestyle and look forward to days spent out on the water and encourages willful family bonding. For most of us around the northern hemisphere, our boats or PWCs are winterized and we are anxiously awaiting the first sign of spring that will signal that it is about time to get back out on the water.

Discoverboating.com has an interesting article on to top 10 reasons to buy (or rent) a boat.  We want to know what sparked your interest to buy your boat or PWC?

Was it the Intelligent Brake and Reverse technology of Sea-Doo watercraft?

Or was it the Sea-Doo boat Direct-Drive Jet Propulsion technology? Design? Cockpit space? High output Rotex engine? Handling? Direct Drive Jet Propulsion? Wake system? Intelligent Throttle Controls? Which one of these reasons made you buy your Sea-Doo boat?


Please tell us! We want to know!