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Should I winterize?

Do I NEED to winterize?

Well then, what IS winterizing?

Is a SNUGGIE, LL BEAN and a can of Sterno involved in any way?

If you live in the tropics as we do in sunny South Florida , you may think winterizing is just for our northern friends who make a snow shovel standard morning equipment. Nope, winterizing can easily apply to us all. Not necessarily for all of the same reasons though. This is why we like to call it winter “Storage” more than winterization.

Many of us hardcore riders will ride year round as long as our choice riding spot is still *liquid* and with the southern regions of North America feeling the first truly cold spell of the season, this is now very pertinent. So it’s really all about proper storage, and will vary depending on temperature exposure, weather, duration of storage, etc.

Many negative implications can result from improper storage, ranging from gummed-up fuel systems, prematurely failed batteries, rusted precious internal metals to actual broken engine cases, and other areas with cooling jackets. Instead of yet another article on “How to Winterize” this one is to warn you of the results of not taking storage seriously.

Take proper storage seriously and the cost of keeping your favorite Sea-Doo in top shape will be much lower. Going through the proper motions is also key to keeping our machines at peak performance. The kind of performance we have grown accustomed to from our friends at BRP! So to get down to the basics, if you are in an area that gets into the lower 30 degree range, full-on winterization is a must. Even down in the south we saw major problems last winter with expensive internal engine freezing issues that could have been avoided.

Some individuals are able to do this on their own, but if you are in any doubt get your watercraft or boat to an authorized BRP/Sea-Doo dealer ASAP! There you’ll find the right tools, technicians with knowledge and products that go into proper storage procedure and ensure it is performed correctly. Here you can be assured the right chemicals, the right tools and technicians armed with the latest tech updates from BRP engineering are utilized to ensure the best preventive maintenance is performed.

BRP offers premium storage lubricants in the XPS brand and additional maintenance items available at authorized BRP/Sea-Doo dealers

The owner’s manual touches on the big points of storage, but the large amount of batteries that we sell and the fuel systems that we clean show us that a little $$ spent now, on the right things, (Battery Tender or Fuel Stabilizer Stabilizer for example) sure can save you LOTS of the green stuff in your wallet, or maybe, just maybe, that next upgrade to your vessel that you’ve been wishing for!

Have a beautiful winter, and keep up with us at OnBoard

Long may you run, Dr. Doo

Glen Perry of Perry Performance Group provides this installment of Doctor Doo and is a fitting author as he has earned his PHD in Doo care as a 35+ year veteran of the powersports industry with the last 20 specializing in Sea-Doo product. Perry is also the creator of the popular Sea-Doo forum sea-doo.net