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SEA-DOO X-TEAM TUESDAY – February 14, 2012

Chris MacClugage aboard his Monster Energy/MACC Racing Sea-Doo RXP-X 260

NAME:       Chris MacClugage
SPORT:     PWC Racing
AGE:          37 years old
PORT:       Lake Havasu City, Arizona
FAMILY:    Married (Rachel) Son (Mac 2-months)

Chris MacClugage is the man. He has raced it all. He has won it all, 15 Championships in fact. In the world of personal watercraft racing, he has done it all…almost.

MacClugage is arguably (but not much argument) the best PWC racer of all time. He began his racing career in Naples, Florida at the ripe age of 1X earning him the early nick-name “The Kid” from older competitors. Since those days of the late ’80s he has raced every year since and in every Pro class (Ski, Sport, and Runabout), and won major championships in all of them. MacClugage has raced all over the world and won, known for his hard charging, never take the easy route, high-flying, WOT style he embodies high-performance on the water.

MacClugage has done stunt work viewed by …maybe…billions of television viewers too. He was featured in a show called Stunt Junkies where he jumped a stand-up PWC over three big house boats near the London Bridge in his new hometown of Lake Havasu City, Arizona and yes, he did clear them all.  MacClugage has also appeared in many commercials over the years with his most resent as the PWC flipping Yo Gabba Gabba sock monkey  in the Kia Sorrento Superbowl commercial.

Chris MacClugage has done a lot in his modest 3X years but there is still something he hasn’t done. . .

MacClugage has raced for the second and third largest PWC manufacturers multiple times and was paid handsomely to do so. He has worked with the best mechanics and PWC minds in the business and is one of those special athletes who can take a sub par machine and ride it to the podium on sheer will. Success has followed him off of the track as he has always been smart with his money and never took it for granted.

Chris and Rachel MacClugage

He is living comfortably with his wife Rachel another Pro World Championship racer in her own right and their new born son Mac.  His years of learning many aspects of the PWC business also helped him spawn MACC Racing, a high-performance PWC shop that builds aftermarket performance parts for enthusiasts all over the world. The MACC RACING tag line is “Faster than Factory” and that brings him to where he is in his life today.

So what hasn’t Chris MacClugage done? He hasn’t taken the easy route, until now. For the first time in his life MacClugage will compete on Sea-Doo watercraft. MacClugage has gotten to a point in his life where the competitive fires burns strong but he just want’s to win and after taking a test ride on the new Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 last August he knew it was a PWC that suited his style, WOT all the way around the track. Then following James Bushells’ double World Championship winning domination on the new RXP-X’s T3 hull MacClugage knew what he DID NOT want to be racing against.

Welcome to the Sea-Doo Life, Chris. This is his first interview flying under the Sea-Doo X-TEAM flag.

ONBOARD: Chris, where did you grow up and how was your competitive spirit developed?

CMACC: I grew up in Naples , Fl. and started riding PWC at age 11.  My competitive spirit basically came from when I got my first taste of victory at my first race,in Marco Island Florida. That race was in 1987.

ONBOARD: Chris, How were you introduced to watersports?

CMACC: My father introduced me to pwc, through another current X-TEAM rider, Erminio Iantosca. Our families hung out a lot and often had BBQs together on Sundays, at my house in Naples. We were fortunate to be able to live on the water. We water skied and knee boarded, all the time. Erminio’s father brought over a pwc to ride. I rode it and never looked back. My dad ended up buying this one for me. Later that summer we went and watched our first pwc race in Ft Myers Beach. The next year I raced that race!!!!

ONBOARD: Since you began competing what are some of your accolades?

MC: I have be able to do so many thing because of that first ride on a pwc. I have traveled to so many countries and met so many people. I have flown in presidential helicopters in the Philippines, met mayors of different towns. I have been in commercials, movies, TV programs(Baywatch). I met my wife at a race in Portugal. The sport has given me so much more than just multiple titles!!!!

ONBOARD: Chris you are arguably the most accomplished PWC racer of all time, racing on every brand at the highest level…except Sea-Doo. What is it after 25 years that drove you approach BRP about racing aboard Sea-Doo in 2012?

MC: What drove me to Sea Doo, was a change for the better. Sea-Doo is the #1 manufacturer of PWC and I wanted to be associated with a company like that. Its a great relationship for me as well as MACC Racing. Sea Doo is something totally new for me and its refreshing to work with such professionals.

Chris and little Mac

ONBOARD: Chris, you have some accomplishments on PWC away from the race course, can you tell us about those?

MC: My accomplishments away from the track….I have riden 5o ft waves in Hawaii. I have been in multiple commercials, the most recent one was a Kia sock monkey commercial. And of course the birth of my son with Rachel.

ONBOARD: Your accomplishments on the racecourse have opened some doors other high profile events and projects. How did these come about and what are some of the projects you have been a part of?

MC: Commercials, TV shows… and through my sponsor Monster Energy, I was able to participate in the Baja 1000. Monster has also invited me to several of their events , which featured a lot of high profile athletes and celebrities.

ONBOARD: Chris, Where is your favorite PWC race site and why?

MC: My favorite race site would be Oceanside, California. The reason being is that the waves are always great there and I love riding in waves. I also like to race in Japan, not the race site in particular. I just love the food!!!!

ONBOARD: What is it about PWC racing that keeps you coming back?

MC: The competition is what keeps me going! Its also become a way of life and my job. But, its a job I love to do.

ONBOARD: Chris, you have ridden all over the world where is your favorite non-racing, riding location? Where is the one place you have not ridden but always wanted to??

MC: My favorite place to ride would be anywhere that has some tasty waves. I love the ocean and love to ride pwc in it. Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, California, Florida, and the Caribbean are all places I enjoy riding.

ONBOARD: What is or has been YOUR favorite part of being part of the Sea-Doo X-TEAM.

MC: That I am now teammates with Troy Snyder! I’m also happy to a part of something that is very organized and ran professionally. The main reason is knowing that I am riding the new RXP-X that can get me out front, from the start of the race. Now that I have my son Mac and my wife Rachel, getting the hole shot will keep me safer.

ONBOARD: Chris, what are you racing right now and what are looking forward to and who is supporting your 2012 efforts?

MC: I have had great support through out my years and this year is no different. In 2012 I will racing a Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 in closed course races and an Sea-Doo RXT-X in offshore races. I will be promoting and will be supported by; Monster Energy, MACC RACING, BRP/Sea-Doo, RIVA Racing, BRP XPS, HydroTurf, Alpina Watches, JE Pistons, Liquid Militia, and Ryno Power.

BRP thanks Chris MacClugage for his time and dedication to the sport and pursuit of PWC racing glory aboard Sea-Doo for the first time in his storied career. You can follow Chris on his Facebook page.