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Lake Huron’s North Channel runs from Killarney, Ontario in the east to Sault Ste. Marie in the east. St. Joseph Island sits at the western end and Hilton Beach is a great launch and overnight location. From there, we circumvented the island with a detour to the Sault for lunch. The main shipping channels are well marked and it’s neat to ride alongside a massive freighter (going so slow, they put out less wake than a PWC). On the way back from the Sault, be sure to stop into Richard’s Landing for fuel so you can make it all the way around St. Joseph Island. The north side of the water is Canada and south side is United States, so don’t set foot on shore of the country you are not a citizen of without checking into customs & immigration (bring your passport). This ride is a mix of populated and remote areas. Recommended for moderately experienced riders. Carrying extra fuel is a good precaution. Decent cell service in most places. Talk to you next time!

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