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Nick Taylor at the 2012 Sea-Doo Photo Shoot

BRP has been involved with the wake industry since the inception of the sport in the early ’90s by sponsoring the Bud Pro Wakeboard Tour to showcase the possibilities Sea-Doo watercraft had to offer. This commitment to the sport has lasted 20 years and is stronger today than ever before by simply being true to the sport. Taking the next step in support of the sport, BRP partnered with the fledgling NIKE 6.0 brand (that’s relative to the time) in 2009 to work with their young Pro wake skaters Nick Taylor, Ben Horan and Matt Manzarri.  Each of these talented trio was provided a Sea-Doo WAKE PRO watercraft to further their riding skills and abilities with an economical tow vehicle  that a late teen could afford, as well as to promote the abilities of the only watercraft specifically designed for board sports.  But the effort was not only to gain promotional value for the Sea-Doo brand, they also provided insights and suggestions.


Nick Taylor's NIKE Shoe Wrapped Sea-Doo WAKE 155

The NIKE riders provided valuable product feedback and have contributed to new designs and technologies that have been implemented on current models and will be on future models. Since the initial partnership with these riders wake skater Andrew Pastura and Wakeboarder Kevin Henshaw have joined the Sea-Doo X-TEAM and ride behind their Sea-Doo WAKE 155 models year round. In-fact, between the five Sea-Doo WAKE watercraft utilized by the team riders they have amassed over 2900 hours per their info center hour meters. Their efforts help BRP make a better WAKE specific watercraft and boat for you.


Ben Horan being filmed at the Sea-Doo "DOO IT" shoot

Sea-Doo watercraft allows these riders to ride more often as they are easy to take on their many adventures and economical to use. They love what they do and they want to share their love of their sport with the next generation of watersports fans. The Sea-Doo “DOO IT” wake instructional video series is in its forth year and each of these athletes shares quick tips on how you can take your riding behind Sea-Doo watercraft and boats to the next level. Be sure to check out the Sea-Doo “DOO IT” playlist on our You Tube Channel, SeaDooTV.

We would also like to see your own Sea-Doo WAKE related videos this summer. Send us a link to your videos and we may showcase it tour the one million plus Sea-Doo owners world-wide.