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Universal Basic PFD (US)

With summer almost here, families and friends are eager to get outdoors and spend time on the water – boating, fishing, sailing and more. But, with approximately 500 people drowning each year from recreational boating accidents, it is imperative to push the message of “Wear It!”: wear your life jacket at all times while you are on the water.

Ladies Airflow PFD

The National Safe Boating Council, in partnership with the Canadian Safe Boating Council, invite boating safety professionals, the boating community and the media to participate in “Ready, Set, Wear It!” on Saturday, May 19. Participants in cities around the globe will gather to set a world record for the most life jackets worn and inflatable life jackets inflated. The goal is not only to promote the comfortable and versatile options when it comes to life jackets, but also to educate the public about life jackets and safe boating in general.

Men's Airflow PFD (US)

Last year, 1,685 people gathered at more than 99 events held around the world to set a new record for the number of participants who inflated their inflatable life jacket or wore an inherently buoyant life jacket.

Sea-Doo has a full line of Personal Floatation Devices (PFD)s from our Universal Basic PFD  to the Men’s Airflow PFD.  Not to leave out

the  ladies, we have the Ladies Motion PFD as well as a Ladies Airflow and other choices.  Our children’s line of PFDs includes the popular Kids SandSea and more.

Visit www.ReadySetWearIt.com to find a local event in your area.