Although this is primarily a wilderness ride from Pembroke to Mattawa, Ontario, following the voyageur’s fur trading route, a riverbank on either side keeps you from getting lost. Just go up one side and back the other. It’s a long day ride (330 km / 205 mi) with one transfer at Swisha, so some riders may want to make it a 2-day overnighter (stay in Mattawa). The Province of Quebec is on the east side and Ontario is on the west, with its Highway 17 paralleling the river all the way. Pembroke is the place to stage from, with a good public marina and lots of lodging choices. The way is well marked, the water deep with very few obstacles. It’s a truly majestic ride, but check for gas in Mattawa before starting. Recommended for moderate to experienced riders. Decent cell service in most places. Talk to you next time!

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