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Dangerous Waters, an adventure reality show, is gearing up for their second Sea-Doo adventure.  In season one, the crew travelled 4500 miles from the shores of Seattle Washington, across the Bering Strait, landing on the remote Russian coastline on Sea-Doo personal watercraft. During this 65-day long trip they experienced breathtaking scenery, wildlife encounters, foul weather, rough seas and much more.

The same brave adventurers are embarking on their next adventure, making their final plans, ensuring their gear is ready, and will be departing from Sacramento,Calif.  This next expedition will take them from the northernmost tip of the American continent to Taiwan.

The first leg of the journey will be via land and air, the crew and Sea-Doo will be flying via Northern Air Cargo and Era Alaska to Nome, Alaska, where the adventure truly begins.   The crew departs Nome on July 1and will travel to Wales, Alaska, the westernmost town on the American continent, from there they will cross the Bering Strait to Russia.  Once in Russia, they will travel the distance of the Russian coast and head to the Kuril Islands.  After the Kuril Islands chain they will head to Japan and travel the west coast of Japan including Okinawa, Iwo Jima and will finish up in Taiwan.

“We have allotted 65 days for this expedition,” said Steven Moll, adventurer and founder. “If everything goes smoothly, and weather in our side, there is a possibility that we could travel farther than expected.”

All of the original crew members returned for the second expedition and include:Steven Moll, adventurer and founder; Andrew Mozella, adventurer, cameraman; Charles Davis, adventurer, mechanic; Wesley Davis, adventurer, pilot, cameraman and Patrick McGregor, adventurer.  Full team bios can be found of the Dangerous Waters website.

Fans will be able to follow their adventure via a new iPhone application launching June 28 in the Apple App store.  This application will track the crew via GPS and contains direct links to their website, blog and social media pages.  For more information, and to keep up with the expedition, connect with Dangerous Waters in digital and social media: www.dangerouswaterstv.com,