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Are you a new, or veteran, Sea-Doo boat owner with questions on some of the boat functionality?  Ever wished for a short “How To” video to help you beach your boat, how to operate the Intelligent Throttle and Control (iTC) system or how to set Ski Mode?

Your wish has been granted…introducing the new How-To video series for Sea-Doo boats.

Be the first to view the how-to videos and see the new things you can learn to help you enjoy your summer on the water! Some examples of videos you will find in the How-To series:

  • -Overview of the dashboard and controls for each boat
  • -How to use the new Weedless system
  • -How to use specific Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) modes – such as Docking and Ski Mode

We have a full line up of videos, in both English and French, that represent all of the boats in our line up:

-Sea-Doo WAKE 210 and 230 Boats (English) (Français)

-Sea-Doo 230 Boats (English) (Français)

-Sea-Doo 210 Boats (English) (Français)

-Sea-Doo 180 Boats (English) (Français)

-Sea-Doo 150 Boats (English) (Français)

After viewing all of the How To videos, you should be an expert on your boat and all of the exciting technologies.