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Have you ever wondered who comes up with the stuff in the Sea-Doo store and catalogue? I found out when nine of the top guns from Sea-Doo PAC (Parts, Accessories & Clothing) met me at the McIntosh Country Inn at Morrisburg, Ontario for a 250-kilometre (155-mile) round trip to Kingston and back on the St Lawrence River.

Man, these guys rock! Their “day at the office” was a mission to discover more about what touring riders need for real world comfort and enjoyment. I promise that it was all work and no play! I was assured that they are always this happy and grinning ear-to-ear every day in the office.

We chose this tour through Canada’s famous Thousand Islands because it has most of the characteristics typical of day ride on a Sea-Doo watercraft: trailering to get there, an unfamiliar launch, varying weather and water conditions, a good distance to travel to a specific destination, different routes to navigate there and back, diverse fuel stops along the way, the need to carry extra gear and lunch, and plenty of other boat (and PWC) traffic to be aware of. And fabulous scenery, too!

Each of these various attributes added to the experience. I could almost hear the creative juices churning about new ways to enhance Sea-Doo touring. Believe me, after more than seven hours on the water, this PAC team was really into it – it was all I could do to get them to end the ride!

There was nothing like sharing the same kind of adventure that many Sea-Doo enthusiasts love so much to stir up the excitement among these BRP staffers. I bet they had some crazy dreams as they lay their weary bones to rest that night. And I’m more than certain that at least some of their imaginings will become reality on the pages of the Sea-Doo catalogue in coming years. PAC goodies designed by folks who actually get out there and ride!

But perhaps what impressed me most about this whole ride was that it’s yet another affirmation of BRP’s overall commitment to understanding and improving the rider experience. With Sea-Doo, this manifests itself in such exclusive (and in my opinion) must-have innovations as brake, suspension, hands-on-the-throttle reverse and the many other Sea-Doo features and benefits I’ve come to rely on. I can hardly wait to see what these creative minds from Sea-Doo PAC come up with – and I know it’s gonna be good!

Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Cottager