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Bombardier Recreational Products took the most popular watercraft platform of all time and made it better. The 2002 GTX 4-TEC was be the first four-stroke engine powered Sea-Doo watercraft and featured the new innovative and responsible Sea-Doo O.P.A.S. (Off Power Assisted Steering) system.  These and other technological and design advances set the stage for the new era in watercraft.

The bar was set again with the 2002 Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC watercraft. Powered by the 155 horsepower, 1494cc three-cylinder Rotax 4-TEC engine, the 2002 Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC changed everything the world knew about watercraft. Power, more environmentally-friendly, and innovation reached new levels with the engine.  The 4-TEC was the most powerful mass-produced engine ever in a Sea-Doo watercraft and exceeded all 2006 EPA environmental standards.

The 2002 GTX 4-TEC offered watercraft enthusiasts a new feeling with an engine that literally purred and provided better acceleration than any luxury performance three‑passenger Sea-Doo watercraft before it.  The low-end torque of the new 1500 4-TEC 155 hp engine powered through an all new 10-vane water jet pump, and straight-line tracking of the redesigned hull made the 2002 GTX 4-TEC a great watercraft for towing wakeboarders, skiers and tubes.  Totally unique to watercraft, the Rotax four-stroke engine emitted a rich, low‑frequency purr at speed and offered ultra smooth operation.  Also integrated into the GTX 4-TEC hull was a revolutionary cooling system.  This engineering feat included a closed‑loop cooling system that used the rideplate as a heat exchanger for the engine coolant in the same fashion as an automobile radiator.  The 2002 GTX design was also offered with the exclusive OrbitalDirect Injection technology watercraft engine.

Committed to responsible boating, Bombardier led with its GTX 4-TEC and GTX DI watercraft and its newest innovation for 2002: the Sea-Doo O.P.A.S system.  This system provided added maneuverability by assisting the steering of the watercraft in off‑throttle and off-power situations.  The system could easily be seen on each side of the hull on equipped models in the form of spring-loaded rudders.

The deck was another work of art from the award-winning Sea-Doo design team.  It featured precisely tailored lines and overall elegant proportions that flowed gracefully from bow to stern while the flared shear line effectively reducing spray.  The hull design offered operators a drier ride with musclecraft-type precision handling.  On the bow, the distinct ridged “gills” were engineered to redirect spray away from the operator, thus offering a clear line of vision and increased comfort.

The 2002 Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC was one of the most impactful models in the history of Sea-Doo watercraft truly carrying the brand into a new era of technology and potential. The shift from two-stroke power to four-stroke power in personal watercraft had begun.