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BRP supports the watercraft racing community more than any other manufacturer through the Sea-Doo x-TEAM Bounty racer contingency program and Promoter support program.  Every year BRP selects the top Sea-Doo watercraft racers to compete in a special invitational event at the World Finals. These 10 racers are given the chance to post their fastest single lap on the same production Sea-Doo X-series watercraft. The top three advance to the Sunday final to post their fastest lap in front of the Pro day crowd.

Chris MacClugage was the top qualifier and although James Bushell bested him in the final it is always fun to watch one of the best riders in the world put together a perfect lap. Note MacClugages throttle finger, on the Sea-Doo RXP-X he is able to utilize the full 260 hp all the way around the track.

NOTE: Chris MacClugage is a professional rider and this video was filmed on a closed course. Do not attempt if this is over you riding ability and always wear protective riding gear.