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Made to fit any riding style, the new collection can be divided into 4 different segments: Musclecraft, Sport, Luxury Performance, and Recreational. Whatever your category, you will definitely find the perfect Sea-Doo PFD or wetsuit in no time. Also new this year, colors specifically chosen to match the 2013 Sea-Doo watercraft lineup, and to also ultimately give you the opportunity to mix and match your PFD/wetsuit/rashguard to create your own individual style.


Multifunctional gear for riders who like to ride from calm to choppy waters. Stretchy and padded to deliver the protection needed for ultimate rides.





Gear designed to fit the moment, whether you are riding on leisure outings, pulling a wakeboarder/waterskier or riding crouched to rocket through waves and turns.





Luxury Performance

For quick leisure riders and short cruisers looking for a form fitted balance of dryness and ease of movement, where the compass always points to comfort.





Smart-value apparel for watercrafting and general water fun. Perfect for short leisure rides or cruises with friends and family.