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BRP’s award winning Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 leads the strongest high-performance line-up in watercraft history. BRP invented the performance watercraft in 1991 and has led the industry in this segment ever since. The 2013 Sea-Doo high-performance family includes five models led by the RXP-X 260, the decorated, world championship-winning model that changed the definition of watercraft in this segment. The RXP-X 260 offers a T3 hull and Ergolock system, empowering riders to ride like pros with less effort. This high-performance family includes the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260, RXT-X aS 260, RXT-X 260, RXT 260 and the popular GTR 215. 

2013 Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 

BRP’s Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 became the new standard in the high-performance arena by winning the IJSBA Pro Open & GP racing World Championships, and the European tour Pro Stock and GP Championships. The RXP-X is also the recipient of the prestigious National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and was named 2012 “PWC of the Year” by PWCToday.com.

The 2013 RXP-X 260 enters its second year of setting new performance standards with an ominous visual appeal, ingenious hull design and reinvented ergonomics that allows riders to realize 100% of their riding potential. The T3 hull design allows the RXP-X 260 to aggressively lean into corners and penetrate chop better than any of its two-seater counterparts. T3 stands for “tight-turning t-hull” and uses an advanced, dual surface hull design with a unique combination of soft and hard chines, dual axis adjustable rear sponsons and performance trim tabs. This allows the rider to turn tighter and faster, leaving the competition green with envy.

The revolutionary Ergolock system integrates a narrowing, body-molded racing seat, Adjustable Ergonomic Steering (A.E.S.) system and angled footwell wedges, all complementing the aggressive, lean-in characteristics. With the A.E.S. system, the rider can adjust the handlebar width and grip angle for a perfect upper body connection. The unique RXP-X 260 seat form-fits the rider’s lower body, alleviating upper body strain in hard turns, connecting the rider to the machine, and ultimately the water, better than any other two-seater. Following the dominating World Championship-winning performance of Sea-Doo X-TEAM rider, James Bushell, aboard the T3 hull, the racing community has turned to the RXP-X 260 as the new standard on race-circuits worldwide. With over a year of aftermarket performance parts development, the RXP-X 260 can be customized to fit any enthusiasts’ desires. BRP’s Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) and Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) systems make the 2013 RXP-X 260 the most feature and technology rich two-seater in high-performance watercraft history.

2013 Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260 

The Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260 features a high output, supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine with intercooler and race-inspired features, making this open water runner the ultimate offshore watercraft. The exclusive Sea-Doo iControl technologies provide rough water riders more comfort to push performance with full rider suspension calibrated for heavy offshore conditions. The adjustable suspension system (aS) features a compression-adjustable FOX damper and mechanical spring preload adjustment mechanism. The RXT-X aS 260 model boasts heavy sea condition enhancements including: adjustable rear sponsons, adjustable trim tabs and bow stabilizers integrated with the wave penetrating S3 hull design to give the rider greater stability and control at speed. Sea-Doo X-series watercraft are the only models equipped with standard race-inspired features including: custom steering system with A.E.S., grip, groove seat, X-series traction mats and digital infocenter with boost indicator and lap timer. The RXT-X aS 260 model also comes equipped with BRP’s exclusive iBR and iTC systems with ECO mode.

2013 Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 

BRP’s 2013 Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 is equipped with advanced X-TEAM racing components that put this model in a class of its own. The non-suspended RXT-X 260 model integrates the precise turning S3 hull with adjustable rear sponsons. The RXT-X 260 watercraft is equipped with standard race specific features including: steering system with A.E.S grip, groove seat, digital infocenter with integrated lap timer and boost indicator, X-Series traction mats, and high-performance variable trim system (VTS). It also features iBR and iTC systems with ECO mode and quick-set Sport/Touring modes.

2013 Sea-Doo RXT 260 

BRP’s 2013 Sea-Doo RXT 260 is fully equipped with a high output, supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine with intercooler and all of the benefits of the Sea-Doo exclusive iControl technologies. The RXT 260 model comes equipped with iBR and iTC with customizable power delivery modes including ECO mode. The RXT 260 features a S3 hull for improved handling and stability, touring and sport mode calibrations for linear power delivery or more aggressive acceleration, tilt steering with integrated digital infocenter, high-performance VTS, hinged seat for easy engine access, watertight removable storage bin and fuel consumption displays among many more.

2013 Sea-Doo GTR 215 

BRP’s 2013 Sea-Doo GTR 215 is based on the playful yet predictable handling of the GTI platform while offering more power from its supercharged Rotax 4-TEC marine engine. The GTR 215 carries the Sea-Doo performance heritage with strong acceleration and handling prowess. It’s easily tunable with aftermarket accessories. The GTR 215 is also fully equipped with the Sea-Doo iControl technologies including iTC and award-winning iBR system, allowing the rider to stop up to 100 feet sooner than any other watercraft*. The Sea-Doo GTR 215 features: integrated infocenter, high-performance VTS, 116 liters (30.5 US gallons) of storage and grip and groove seat.

The 2013 Sea-Doo performance family includes the right model for every high-performance enthusiast. IJSBA racers worldwide have made the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 the new standard in closed course racing, led by World Champions James Bushell (UK) and Chris MacClugage (USA). The Sea-Doo RXT 260 platform is the offshore World Championship watercraft of France’s Cyrille Lemoine, and the Sea-Doo GTR 215 is the ideal combination of playfulness and performance for racers worldwide. High-performance enthusiasts turn to Sea-Doo for a pro-caliber, world championship worthy watercraft to dominate their local waters.