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There is no better day than exploring the local channels, lakes, oceans, rivers or waterways on your Sea-Doo.  But, how do you find the best spots to explore? Especially if you are new to an area or looking for a unique vacation destination?

Many enthusiast sites exist that focus on riding a personal watercraft. Some of these sites use user generated content while others are written by experienced riders to inform and educate fellow watercraft enthusiasts.

Here are a few sites you can access if you are looking for that perfect escape on the water.

Personalwatercraft.com:  http://www.personalwatercraft.com

This site is full of information about watercraft. It features reviews, maintenance and technical advice and also has many blog posts featuring PWC riding, travel, fun destination and much more.  They offer a great one-stop, everything you need to know about riding a PWC, website.

GreenHulk PWC Performance Forums: http://www.greenhulk.net

GreenHulk is a PWC enthusiast forum that offers users the opportunity to post questions, engage with other PWC enthusiasts and is a great place to start when doing any type of PWC research.   Their Local Rides and Events forum includes multiple sub forums that includes global ride opportunities and much more.

PWC Trailfinder: http://www.pwctrailfinder.com/

A site dedicated to PWC Trailriding with owner writer and user generated content.  This website id dedicated to PWC adventures and travel.  The trails contain downloadable turn-by-turn GPS tracking and include identifiable on-water markers and more.  Users can also download directions by PDF.   This site was co-founded by Bill “83 Gator” Crew Jr., and Shawn McKee, two Louisiana enthusiasts, and is designed to share information with PWC enthusiasts.

The Intrepid Cottager: http://www.intrepidcottager.com/

One of our featured bloggers, Craig Nicholson, is a rider from Canada and is an enthusiast who chronicles his trips on the Canadian waters.  He has been riding Sea-Doo watercraft since the early 90’s and loves exploring new places and visiting different on-water destinations.

We also have a few blog posts about riding in the US:

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What about you? Are there any sites you visit for riding or boating advice?  Do you have any amazingly sweet spots that you are willing to share with your fellow Sea-Doo enthusiasts?  Let us know!