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Red Bull Night Riders Winner Evan Thompson

Red Bull produces to out of the ordinary extraordinary events, all with the theme “Gives You Wings”. This past weekend in Flagler Beach on North Florida’s east coast the Red Bull Night Riders event was powered by the Red Bull Sea-Doo watercraft. Six elite Tow-At surfers were invited to compete at the special night time tow-at event with Evan Thompson keeping it in the family with the wins after his brother Codytook the crown at the previous year’s event.

Many are familiar with ‘Tow-In’ surfing where Sea-Doo watercraft are used to tow surfers into massive waves that they could never paddle into, usually in the Pacific ocean. With the smaller waves of the Atlantic Sea-Doo watercraft are used to ‘Tow-At’ or being pulled at the waves for extreme aerial moves and with the ability to catch 20 waves int eh time it would take to catch three by paddling. To add to the dramatics Red Bull would produce the event at night, under the lights of the near by pier.

A Sea-Doo WAKE 155 was used for its nimble handling and rock solid performance in the extreme conditions.

For complete details on Evan Thompson’s steller Night Riders win click here for the Transworld Surf Article.

NOTE: This is a closed area with professional drivers at the controls, do not attempt any of these maneuvers and never ride your personal watercraft after dusk and before sunrise.