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Sea-Doo watercraft provide the ultimate in value and performance and we offer you multiple choices in watercraft design and handling characteristics. One of the primary decisions that you need to make when researching watercraft styles is the type of rider that you are—this will help you determine the segment and style of watercraft that will be ideal for you.

One of the most important decisions is hull design.  Sea-Doo has three different hull styles and each offer riders different ride characteristics.

Are you looking for something playful and nimble that rides on top of the waves or are you looking for a tight turning, aggressive hull that enables you to corner harder and faster and cuts right through the waves?  We offer three hull styles and there is one designed for every type of rider.

Sea-Doo S3 Hull

S3 stands for Stepped, Stable and Strong.  These hulls are made from lightweight material are ribbed and stepped.  This hull style creates a low-pressure zone to reduce drag for nimble handling.  The S3 hull cuts through the water and leans naturally when cornering. The hull is constructed of material that is up to 20% lighter than competitor hulls. The hull design is ideal for those who regularly take extended rides where comfort is important.

The hull characteristics are:

  • •Longer, deeper V hull
  • •Suspension option
  • •3-seater
  • •Tow sports capabilities

Benefits of the S3 hull:

  • •Cuts better through chop
  • •Bridges chop better
  • •More comfort when riding 2- or 3-up
  • •Stable with one, two, and three passengers
  • •Added features for comfort (GTX Platform)
  • •Added race-oriented features (RXT Platform)



Sea-Doo watercraft with S3 hulls are:

GTI Hull

Sea-Doo GTI Hull

Our GTI hulls are playful, yet stable and predictable and are ideal for riders looking for a stable and forgiving watercraft with versatility in both smooth and moderate water conditions. This hull planes quickly and rides higher on the water surface for a nimble ride. The GTI hull is a bit shorter but wider than the others in the line-up and with multiple passengers has proven to be the most stable in the category

The hull characteristics are:

  • •Flatter V, shorter, lighter hull
  • •Lower center of gravity
  • •3-seater
  • •Tow sports capabilities

Benefits of the GTI hulls are:

  • •More nimble ride
  • •Stable and forgiving
  • •Fuel efficient
  • •Option for added power (GTR 215)

Sea-Doo watercraft with GTI hulls are:

Sea-Doo T3 Hull

This revolutionary design provides aggressive lean-in turning characteristics and penetrates chop and rough water conditions better than any of its predecessors. T3 stands for Tight-Turning T-hull and uses an advanced dual surface hull design with a unique combination of soft and hard chines that engages the water with a suction force when leaning into a corner. These combined features provide enhanced lean angles which allow the rider to turn tighter and faster. The multiple stages of the T3 hull provide great stability at idle and low speeds, unmatched acceleration and a narrow high speed running surface which delivers a nimble and highly precise driving experience.

This hull design is ideal for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate race-oriented watercraft with maximum carving capability, sped and control in any water conditions.

The hull characteristics are:

  • •Combination of hard and soft chines
  • •T-shape
  • •Ergolock system
  • •2-seater

The benefits of the T3 hull are:

  • •Precise cornering and better lean-in
  • •Good rough water penetration
  • •Less upper body fatigue
  • •Better performance on a buoy course

The only Sea-Doo watercraft with the T3 hulls design is the award-winning RXP-X 260.

Whether you are a recreational rider who loves to spend hours on the water playing and towing friends and family, a speed junkie looking to take tight corners or a rider who craves comfort and endless hours cruising, Sea-Doo has a watercraft for you and your riding style