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Looking for a fresh look and feel for your Sea-Doo?  Simply changing your grips can help you maintain a firmer grip, renew your look and enjoy many hours out on the water.

Dr. Doo is back and offers his advice on how to change out your Sea-Doo grips.


Reasons for changing:

-After a long season or two, the harsh outdoor elements start to harden the stock rubber Sea-Doo grip and they become a bit slick.

– Some riders tend to wear down the grips after a long season or two.

-Simple project to get that new look back to your aging watercraft.


Tools needed:

–       Small flat head screw driver

–       10 mm socket and ratchet

–       Blue Loctite brand thread locker

–       Wire Brush

Parts needed:

–       Sea-Doo Handle grip set (see your local dealer or Sea-Doo PAC catalog online for part number)


1. Remove small rubber end from grip, use small flat head screwdriver to pry at the seam.



2. Remove 10mm bolt


3.  Slide old grip off.

4.   Slide new grip on with the flare of the grip facing forward. No glue is needed with Sea-Doo grips as they have a locking system.

5.  Clean the bolt that you remove of its original yellow thread locker with a wire brush, be sure to remove all of the yellow thread locker as you will be applying blue Loctite brand in its place.

6.  Apply blue Loctite on the first five threads

7.  Re insert the bolt.

8.  Insert rubber end plug to the grip.


In the end this not only helps maintain that Showroom look and feel, but also gives you that added grip you once had when you took your Sea-Doo out for its first ride.