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Share your Sea-Doo riding style by capturing the on-water fun with a GoPro camera.

Billed as the world’s most versatile camera, your GoPro can ride along on your Sea-Doo and chronicle a great day out on the water!

GoPro has many different cameras to choose from, depending on your budget and needs. There is one primary accessory that they offer that will make shooting from your Sea-Doo a bit easier and a bit more secure — The Floaty Backdoor.

The Floaty Backdoor is a floatation device that lets your Go Pro float in the water.  Industrial strength 3M adhesive attaches to the Floaty directly to thewaterhouse backdoor.  They even include a spare waterhouse backdoor in case you need it.  The Floaty Backdoor is compatible with all HERO3, HERO2 and HD HERO Original cameras.

If you have a GoPro camera and some awesome GoPro footage, please share YOUR GoPro Sea-Doo videos with us on our Facebook page!