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Sea-Doo boats have exclusive technologies designed for fun and convenience.  These advance technologies are outlined in your Sea-Doo boat owners manual as well as available in the Sea-Doo Owner Zone, Club Sea-Doo.  In addition, we have created a How-To video series that includes short videos that outline some of the most popular features of your Sea-Doo boat.  Even thought we exited the boat business as announced on Sept. 9, we value our existing customers and want to continue to offer you information and advice.

The Sea-Doo How-To Series offers you greater insights into the basics of the platform controls, technologies and more.  Each series includes videos that cover everything from helm controls, iTC functions, lighting controls, proper boat beaching, anchoring, tendering, Docking Mode, Cruise Control, sound system, etc.

Follow these links to view the videos for your specific boat platform:

Next time you are out on the water and ask yourself…. “How do I….” refer to these quick and easy videos for an answer!