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NAME:                    Jared Moore

SPORT:                    PWC Racing

AGE:                         29 years old

PORT:                       Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

Jared Moore is fast.  So fast he doesn’t know how fast he is most of the time.  Moore lives in South Africa where a few fast personal watercraft racers hail from, notedly Dustin Motzouris, but Moore must travel more than a good distance to draw competition that compares to his talents. Last October, Moore showed that speed, placing second in the IJSBA World Finals premier event the Pro Open behind James Bushell; both aboard Sea-Doo RXP-X models.

Moore is your everyday, hard working guy, your everyday motorhead guy. As competitive as anyone you will meet but with a laid back southern hemisphere charm.

Let’s meet Sea-Doo X-TEAM racer, Jared Moore.


OnBoard – Jared, where did you grow up and how was your competitive spirit developed?

 Moore –I grew up on a small farm just outside Benoni which is not too far from Johannesburg in South Africa. Growing up on farm gave me a lot of space for fun and making trouble with a lot of toys to play on like 4-wheeler motorbikes, pit bikes, and anything that would move which could be ridden hard, rebuilt and ridden hard again.



OnBoard -What do you do away from the water to stay on the water? What’s your profession?

Moore – I work for my father’s company, we rebuild trucks which have been in accidents and we have a few trucks that transport cars. So some days I’m a mechanic and the other days I’m a truck driver.


OnBoard – Jared, How were you introduced to watersports?

Moore – My father and some of my uncles all raced some form of boats, so I was around water sports growing up. I raced 15 to 25 hp boats from the age of 10 and started racing personal watercraft when I was 14 years old. When I was 15, I started racing F1 boats in South Africa while still racing Sea-Doos. When I turned 17 I stared to focus mainly on racing Sea-Doo watercraft.



OnBoard – Since you began competing what are some of your accolades?

Moore – I won the Expert Runabout Limited 1200cc class in 2003 and 2005 at the IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City AZ, USA before moving to the Pro Class in 2007. In 2011 I got a 3rd at the TJSBA Kings Cup in Thailand and the best I’ve done was 2nd in the Pro Open class last year at World Finals in Havasu on the new RXPX.


 OnBoard – Jared, Where is your favorite PWC race site?

Moore – I love the challenging racing at the World Finals in Lake Havasu but my favorite place to race will have to be in Pattaya City, Thailand at the King’s Cup. With white sand, blue water, the scooters and some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. The racing is hard with four long moto’s and you never know what’s going to happen next.


OnBoard – What is it about PWC racing that keeps you coming back?

Moore – The bug bit me a long time ago and I love the sport. The skis are so fast now and just work so well in any conditions. When you go to the start line you never know what’s going to happen, and wanting to be the best is the thing that keeps me coming back for more.


OnBoard – Jared, where is your favorite non-racing, riding location?

Moore-Dustin Motz lives on the coast, about 6 hours drive for me. There is a small closed spot in the harbor where he has set up a track and we go there and train. It’s always warm there, even in winter when we train for World Finals. It’s so much fun when the wind blows and the water gets rough and we ride until we can’t walk.


OnBoard – How was your experiences travelling to the IJSBA World Finals? And who is helping your racing efforts (sponsors)

Moore – Going to the World Finals is a long trip for us, far from home. It’s easy to get off work to travel to the race when you work for your main sponsor (TM Trucking), my father’s company. We get a lot of help from Dustin Motz at Fast Powersport and we could not have done it without the team at Sea-Doo Centre, they really are the best and it shows with Sea-Doo Centre built Skis finishing 1-2-3 in the Pro Open Class at World Finals and the top 5 at the Kings Cup. But for the most part, my racing is self funded.


OnBoard – What are you racing right now and what are looking forward to?

Moore –I’m racing a Sea-Doo Centre modified 2012 RXPX , this is the best ski I’ve ever had, it goes where I want it to and has more than enough power to get me there. We working on a few new things to keep us up there but will be using the same ski to help us get to number 1.


BRP thanks Jared Moore for his time and dedication to the pursuit of PWC racing glory aboard Sea-Doo.

Moore- Thanks very much for all the support and keep on make the best PWCs on the market.