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Riding your Sea-Doo on the water is akin to riding your Can-Am Spyder Roadster on a long winding road. The rush of the wind is exhilarating, but also can make visibility difficult. Our recommendation for a solution is ensuring you have the proper eyewear.  The proper eyewear will both ensure you, and your passengers, safety as well as protect your eyes from the water, wind and sun.  Goggles or sunglasses will help you maintain a clear view at all times.

2013 Sea-Doo Riding GogglesOur Sea-Doo Amphibious riding Goggles are made from super strong, lightweight material. They are soft and flexible and conform to the shape of any face.  The lens provides 100% UV protection and is suspended for anti-fog performance. They also feature a goggle-to-PFD attachment cord to help prevent loss.  However, if they are not attached or they break free, they float!

Bomber Eyewear are specifically designed to compliment a water-based active lifestyle. This eyewear fit snugly with a patented non-grip slip foam lining, and will also float if they fall into the water.

Next time you are headed out to the water, when you grab your PFD, also grab your protective eyewear…trust us, you’ll thank us!