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SONY DSCWith the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere BRP is kicking off the 2013 riding season with SEA-DOO WAKE WEEK. The Sea-Doo Wake Week will begin on March 24 and run through March 31 with wake skating and wakeboarding inspired product highlights, images, and the premier of the 2013 Sea-Doo ‘DOO IT’ wake skate video series featuring NIKE Wake Team riders Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, and Nick Taylor.

BRP and the Sea-Doo brand has long been part of the wake sports scene. Wakeboarding stepped into the action sports realm in 1991 when the sport was showcased on prime time television.  ESPN’s Hot Summer Nights featured the Pro Wakeboard and Kneeboard tour. The year prior the Sea-Doo GT was launched, the first three-seat watercraft capable of pulling skiers and wakeboarders and became the official personal watercraft of the Pro Wakeboard Tour to showcase the models’ towing capabilities.

Sea-Doo watercraft have helped the sport progress as PWC became the preferred tow vehicles with sliders and rails becoming more prevalent among enthusiasts.

In 2002 BRP was again a catalyst for the growth of a new watersport when wake skating began it’s rise in popularity. Wake skating brought a more technical way to ride a board behind a watercraft and massive engines and wakes were not required to have fun. A wake skate is similar to a wakeboard but without bindings.  It shares many of the characteristics of a skateboard, but riders ride the wake instead of a sidewalk. Sea-Doo watercraft were used by the sports pioneers, the Cassette wake skate team riders of Thomas Horrell, Aaron Reed, and Danny Hampson.

The Cassette team was heavily involved with the launch of the Sea-Doo Vans Triple Crown Edition Wake model watercraft in 2003 and now a decade later the next generation of world class wake skaters has teamed with BRP and utilizes Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and WAKE PRO 215 models, the NIKE Wake team.

The Sea-Doo WAKE model watercraft have significant advantages in shallow water access, ability to retrieve a downed boarder quickly, lower operating costs, and it is less intimidating for new riders.  All of these features make them the tow vehicle of choice among top pros and weekend water lovers alike.

The best wake skaters in the world, Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, and Nick Taylor as well as wakeboarder Kevin Henshaw average over 250 hours a year on their Sea-Doo watercraft and we can’t think of anybody who tests them in real world towing applications more intensely than these riders.

Their input is used in the development and refinement of the Sea-Doo WAKE models such as the revised Ski Mode settings for 2013 offering a smoother transition in the RAMP settings.

During the 2013 Sea-Doo Wake Week visitors will gain insight on how these riders do their tricks behind Sea-Doo watercraft, you will learn about their gear and set up, and see their X-TEAM profile interviews.  Visit OnBoard regularly to see the latest news about the world of Sea-Doo.