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How do they DOO it? The best wakeskaters in the world ride for Nike behind Sea-Doo watercraft and each has outfitted their Sea-Doo with accessories to take advantage of the ultimate tow vehicle. Whether you are pulling a wakeskater, wakeboarder or towing a tube with screaming kids, the accessories needed are all available at the Sea-Doo online store and in your local dealership.

Did  your PWC come with Ski Mode? Ski Mode makes acceleration consistent, no matter who is in the driving seat. It includes five acceleration modes so youcan pre-select and set the mode preferable for each skier’s style or preference. If your watercraft is 2011 or newer and does not include Ski Mode you can purchase the software that plugs into your diagnostic connector. The program includes all hardware necessary for installation. This module is available for 2011 and newer models with iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse).

Wakeboard Rack: an essential if wakeboarding is your ‘thing.’ Without a rack the riders will carry their boards or hold them in their hands when searching for the perfect waters. A wakeboard rack makes storage of your wakeboard and traveling with your board much easier! Sea-Doo has a wakeboard rack that is specially designed to fit our PWCs and are compatible with the following models: iS 2010 GTX, RXT, RXT-X & WAKE PRO, 2011 GTI and GTS, GTR 2012. Click here for more information on our Sea-Doo Wakeboard rack.

A great ride starts from a solid connection with the watercraft. Sea-Doo watercraft come equipped with an existing U-ring for towing, adding a Ski-Eye to this U-ring ensures a strong connection between the rope and the watercraft. If your model does not include a Ski-Eye, you can install one quickly and easily. The Ski-Eye is designed for the following models: GTX, GTS, GTI, RXT,2012 GTR, 2012 RXP-X, and can be used for pulling any type of skier or inflatable. For more information on the Ski-Eye click here.


Sea-Doo Wake models come equipped with a Retractable Ski Pylon that makes it easy for a spotter to sit on the back of the watercraft and includes built in grab rails. This ski pylon provides a higher pull point for the rider, the higher the pull point, the easier it is for the rider to get up on top of the water. The Retractable Ski Pylon fits the following models: RXT X, GTX, RXT, except models with iS, GTI & GTS (2011), GTR 2012. For more information on the Retractable Ski Pylon, click here.

A Sea-Doo Shock Tube protects passengers from ski rope kick back and helps keep the ski ropes away from the PWC impellers. This durable nylon covered, closed-cell foam Shock Tube provides riders with added peace of mind. The Shock Tube is installed closest to the watercraft for protection purposes.
For more information on Sea-Doo Shock Tubes, click here.

Sea-Doo accessories will add ‘game’ to your towing activities and make you the envy of all of the other skiers, skaters or tubers out on the water!

For more insight or instruction on Wakesports and to learn how to “DOO” some of those inspiring Nike 6.0 wakeskate tricks, check out the Sea-Doo “Doo It” Wakeskate video series.