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As spring has arrived for most of the northern hemisphere, Sea-Doo owners are prepping their watercraft and boats for the upcoming boating season and removing the shrink wrap and storage covers. We are sure it brings a smile across your face to uncover your Sea-Doo after a long winter hibernation. This is the time to give it a good wash and pre-season service to ensure everything is loose where it is supposed to be loose and tight where components are supposed to be tight.

After you go through the process of getting it ready for the season…cover it back up.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.42.54 AMWe know just the sight of of your Sea-Doo brings joy to your heart but keeping it covered will bring that joy for a long time to come. With the arrival of spring comes more intense sun, and though all BRP products are engineered to withstand UV rays, the sun is powerful and exposure can manipulate colors and can dry materials over time.  Also, you may have heard of the term, “April showers bring May flowers”. This is great for your garden but not in the footwells of your watercraft. Covering your watercraft will also keep out any animals that may be looking for a place to nest.

To ensure your Sea-Doo is protected from the outside world and kept clean, utilize a custom fitted Sea-Doo watercraft cover. Whether your Sea-Doo is kept on a dock hoist, on a trailer on the side of the house, or in the resort parking lot BRP offers a form fitting cover. These covers are designed to securely wrap around the bond rail on the hull side, hold secure on the handlebars, and clip onto the rub rail holding it in place while trailering at speed.

Bottom line, when you are not on your Sea-Doo, keep it nice and tucked in by covering it up with the proper cover.


This installment of Dr. Doo was provided by Willy Carmine of Route 1 Motorsports, the official BRP/Sea-Doo/Can-Am dealer in Brevard County, Florida