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Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.28.28 PMThere is a moment for every person who sits at the controls of a engine powered vehicle where they want to race. Maybe this urge isn’t everyday but it happens. Waiting for the light to turn green and get the jump on the car beside you, riding next to your brother or sister or good friend and you nudge the throttle just ever so slightly to gain the leading position.  Or maybe you are a full fledged racer at heart and take every opportunity to get from point A to point B faster than everybody else.

Riding a Sea-Doo may spur this urge a bit more than the average vehicle. After all, Sea-Doo watercraft are breed to be performers and in the arena of professional watercraft racing has dominated closed course races around the world. You may have thought about racing but don’t know where to go and aren’t interested in buying a lot of race specific parts or modifying your very reliable, stock Sea-Doo watercraft. And maybe lining up to a veteran racer may seem intimidating. But that burning desire to feed your competitive side hungers every time you squeeze the throttle lever of your Sea-Doo watercraft.

For PWC owners in the United Kingdom and the southeastern United States, specifically Florida, comes a new PWC event the P1 Aqua Cross series. This is a new form of PWC racing that is open to only riders with completely stock watercraft. Its the ultimate, “run what you brung” racing. The courses are also much less complex and open than traditional closed course races that one may see at the IJSBA World Finals.  Multi-time world champion watercraft racer Lisa Barsby of the UK developed this series in the UK to bring a new crowd to the family sport she loves. Barsby address the barriers keeping current owners from racing. The goal of Aqua Cross racing is to make it easy, safer, affordable, and fun for anyone and everyone with a PWC.

The classes are broken down by stock horsepower ratings to allow every category of PWC to compete head-to-head on equal equipment. There are three main categories offered, 300 hp, 250+hp, and 200+hp.  other than a PWC all anybody needs is protective riding gear, and a set of racing numbers.

The US events include:

June 15 & 16 – Daytona, Florida

July 20 & 21 – Pahookee, Florida

August 17 & 18 – Cocoa Beach, Florida

September 14 & 15 – Marathon, Florida

The UK events include:

June 1-2 – Hull

June 29-30 – Plymouth

July 13 & 14 – Eastborn Extreme

August 10 & 11 – Torquay


For more information on racing your Sea-Doo in a new, no pressure racing series, visit P1 Aqua Cross