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2013 Sea-Doo GTX S 155 - Action 11smaller for blog

If you’ve never owned a personal watercraft and don’t know much about them, this blog is for you. Sea-Doo watercraft from BRP are jet-propelled boats that operate much like a motorcycle or snowmobile. They provide the same exhilarating sensation of skimming over a surface and being able to go almost anywhere. Virtually unsinkable, family-friendly and completely reliable, an advanced technology Sea-Doo watercraft is easy to operate, with unmatched handling and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability.

So it’s time for you to go shopping. You’ve already made a good choice by visiting Sea-Doo’s On Board Blog, so now familiarize yourself with available models and technologies on the Sea-Doo website. Then it’s time to hit the pavement. BRP sells Sea-Doo watercraft through its own global dealer network, much like automobile manufacturers do. Sea-Doo dealers are not only very knowledgeable about Sea-Doo watercraft, they also offer parts, service, storage, trailers and accessories galore. Yes, your Sea-Doo dealer can outfit you with everything from PFD‘s (Personal Flotation Devices) and wetsuits, to covers, dock ties, bumpers and anchors…plus an array of colourful inflatables for towing the kids.

Want to try before you buy? Some dealers rent Sea-Doo watercraft, while others have demo units you can arrange to sample. Tracking down a rental outfit may be a bit of a challenge, but start by asking your local dealer or googling “PWC rentals”. BRP also offers demo tours each summer. Many dealers, all over the US and Canada, are participating in the Try a Sea-Doo program this summer where you can make an appointment at the dealership and they will let you test ride their Sea-Doo watercraft.  Once you climb aboard 2013 Sea-Doo GTX 215 - Action 6 smaller for blogyour first Sea-Doo watercraft and go for a ride, I guarantee you’ll want to try it again!

When it comes to purchasing a personal watercraft, there are two major questions to ask yourself: “What brand should I buy?” and “What model should I buy?” Let’s assume that you’ve already decided to buy a Sea-Doo watercraft because it’s the only one with a brake, hands-on-the-handlebar reverse, suspension and many other industry-leading exclusive features. So what model do you choose? To help make this choice, ask yourself who, what, where and how much…

Who Will Be Riding Your New Sea-Doo Watercraft? If it’s intended primarily as a family-friendly watercraft, then it needs to be versatile, flexible and easy to ride for all skill levels. Will it frequently or seldom be used by multiple riders (operator and passenger(s)? Do you have lots of friends and guests who might also be using it? But if you think the primary use is for adults to go cruising and do some exploring, then that’s another thing. Maybe the purpose of your new acquisition is to keep your tow sports happy teens entertained. Or could it be that you’re a performance buff who’s looking for new thrills on the water. Of course, the reality is that it’s often a combination of the various “who’s”, but try to nail down a hierarchy that snapshots your present situation, including factors like experience, gender, weight, age and availability.

What Will Your New Sea-Doo Watercraft Be Used For? The answer to this one falls naturally out of your “who” answer, but also think about the 2013 Sea-Doo GTX Ltd iS-Action7 resized for blog“what” separately. What can a Sea-Doo watercraft do? What are the specialties of each specific model? What uses are you most beneficial to you? What if you or members of your family are really into tow sports? How might your “what’s” change over the next couple of years as ages, interests and priorities change?

Where Will Your New Sea-Doo Watercraft Be Used? Fresh or salt water? Big water or sheltered back channel? River or lake? Always on your own lake or primarily on other waterways – or a mix of the two? If your home waters are navigable and interconnected with adjacent waterways, will you want to go exploring? Your “where” will help you determine which model best suits you.

How Much Can You Afford to Invest in Your New Sea-Doo Watercraft? For me, this question breaks down into: “What can I afford now?” and “What can I afford for tomorrow?” After years in powersports, I’ve found that it always pays to invest in the best technology available today because I’ll enjoy it longer and get more for it on resale. It’s also interesting to remember that that unlike with other new boat transactions, Sea-Doo watercraft are all-in-one priced as an integrated, turn-key package including its purpose built and perfectly matched 4-stroke Rotax engine (instead of boat and motor from different manufacturers).

The logic of good answers to these questions should make your Sea-Doo watercraft shopping easier and more cost-effective. Hopefully, it will also make dazzling colours and appealing graphics less of a distraction!

By Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Cottager