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Personalwatecraft.com recently reviewed the 2013 Sea-Doo GTS 130.

“It’s a good match for beginners and casual riders alike, as well as experienced riders who prefer a lighter touch on the water.”

2013 Sea-Doo GTS 130 action shot on the water

Read the whole story at: http://www.personalwatercraft.com/manufacturers/sea-doo/2013-seadoo-gts-130-review-1186.html

BRP’s 2013 Sea-Doo GTS 130 is a great value for the entire family it is an entry-level watercraft that seems like anything but an entry level watercraft. The GTS 130 delivers the most delight you can get for your personal watercraft dollar.  It offers new style at an entry-level lower price and is playful yet powerful, it is available in the all-new Lucky Green coloration in 2013, and provides increased peace of mind with features such as Sport and Touring Mode, O.T.A.S., Rear-View Mirrors, Sea-Doo Learning Key, CLCS and D.E.S.S.

For more information on the Sea-Doo GTS 130 and our full line up of watercraft visit: www.sea-doo.com