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THEY SAID WHAT? Personalwatercraft.com reviewed the Sea-Doo PWC Trailer lineup.

2013 ADV TC iCATACH PWC Trailer smaller for blog - Galvinized

“Sea-Doo is getting pretty serious about the trailer business. After introducing the iCatch trailer concept in 2011, the company is back for 2012 with a whole series of trailer offerings, dubbed Move, that the company hopes consumers will be putting under their favorite ride this year.

While the lineup is clearly spread between price points, Sea-Doo is also hoping to educate consumers further about its higher-end iCatch system, a hitch-post latching system that allows the watercraft to be driven directly onto the trailer and secured by simply bumping the bow into the iCatch cradle. A spring-loaded pin captures the bow tow eye, securing the craft. Launching is just as simple; hop aboard your craft, pull a conveniently located lever, and the latch is released, allowing the craft to simply and quickly roll off the bunks. It’s a process that Sea-Doo claim makes launching and loading a PWC about a 60-second process (a claim I can confirm), …”

To read the full review visit: http://www.personalwatercraft.com/products/2012-seadoo-pwc-trailer-line-review-1064.html

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