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Whether you are cruising in search of your favorite hidden island, jumping waves as they crash in the open ocean or enjoying the long, meandering river ways, there is no better way to enjoy summer than on your Sea-Doo watercraft.

If your idea of a perfect summer day is short, leisure rides or cruises with friends and family then the recreation segment of Sea-Doo watercraft is designed for you. Our lineup of recreational watercraft include the Sea-Doo GTS 130, GTI 130, GTI SE 130/155 and the GTI Limited 155.  These watercraft are designed for family fun and recreation.  Along with these watercraft, we offer a full lineup of gear and accessories designed to complement your lifestyle.

There are some essential items that you should always carry with you that can help you ensure your day on the water is perfect.

As the “captain”, you are not only responsible for adhering to safety rules, but also ensuring you and your passengers are wearing the appropriate equipment and riding gear, including a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and wetsuit or neoprene bottoms.

mens motionVery lightweight, the Motion PFD’s outer shell is constructed of super-duty nylon and it has a combination of PVC and polyethylene foam inserts to keep you safely afloat in the water. These PFDs have four woven straps with quick release buckles. It has excellent wear and flex fatigue resistance and minimal water absorption. The back of the PFD is contoured to fit comfortably on the watercraft seat. These dependable all purpose PFDs are affordable and come in three different colors to entice all riders, red, green and black.Sandsea spring suit

To keep yourself protected from the wind, sand and sun we recommend donning one of the Sandsea Springsuits.  These lightweight wetsuits are made from 2 mm neoprene and are easy to get in and out of when heading to or from the water.  The Sandsea Springsuit includes stretch panels strategically placed for flexibility and comfort.  They are available for men, women and children and come in four vibrant colors: red, orange green and black.

As you are preparing for a day on the water, you will want to ensure you have all of the recreational accessories ready so when you do hit the beach, you don’t have to take multiple trips back to the dock.  Sea-Doo has a lineup of accessories designed to make your day on the water as simple and care free as possible.

As you prepare for your excursion to that beautiful beach or on-water restaurant, you will want to ensure you bring some ‘beach’ or water essentials with you on your ride. These include sunscreen, towels, sunglasses etc. These items can be easily stowed in our Sea-Doo Storage Tray or the larger version, the Front Storage Tray.

storage trayThe Storage Tray is a molded compartment for convenient storage that fits a small cooler and a small, insulated otter box. It also includes a secure netted storage area. The storage tray lifts out in one piece with a front storage trayconvenient carry handle so you can pack it before you head out to the water. The tray fits models GTX & RTX 2009 and prior (except models with iS). The larger Front Storage Tray has a 3.2 gallons (12 L) capacity and also has a cargo carry handle for easy loading and unloading. The Front Storage Tray fits Sea-Doo models RXP-X 2012 and up, GTI & GTS 2011 and up, and GTR 2012 and up and Wake 155.


Kids LOVE spending time on the water. Make sure to bring along a change of clothes so they can have a warm, dry shirt or shorts when stopping by your family’s favorite on-water restaurant for lunch.

Dry bagThe Sea-Doo Dry Bag is perfect for storing towels, a change of clothes and anything else that you want to keep dry. It holds up to 2.6 gallons (10 L) of ‘stuff’ and is watertight and made of puncture-resistant PVC coated polyester fiber material with a reinforced bottom for added durability.

Sea-Doo accessories are designed to help make those great days on the water even better!  For more information on Sea-Doo parts, accessories and clothing visit the Sea-Doo store.