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BRP enjoyed the most dominant IJSBA World Finals showing in the event’s history, as Sea-Doo RXP-X watercraft racers filled 14 of the 15 available Pro class podiums and 81% of the podiums in classes using modern watercraft.

The IJSBA World Finals is the largest watercraft specific event in North America where the best racers from around the globe converge to compete for World Championships in Lake Havasu City, AZ. At this year’s event, the pit area, starting lines, and racetrack were filled with Sea-Doo RXP-X models. South Africa’s Jarod Moore led the Sea-Doo X-TEAM charge winning his first Pro Open World Championship on his RXP-X model and James Bushell added two more World Championships to his resume claiming both the Pro Stock and Pro GP classes on his RXP-X watercraft.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X watercraft has proven to provide the best performance in the industry with superior handling, ergonomics and power. The exclusive RXP-X T3 hull allows riders to track straight through chop and lean into turns to turn tighter and faster.  The innovative Ergolock system allows the rider to become one with the vehicle through a narrow, form fitting seat and angled footwells that allow the rider to use his entire body to connect with the watercraft reducing fatigue. The T3 hull dynamics, combined with the Ergolock system, allows the rider to realize more of the available power from the ROTAX high output 4-TEC engine to maintain maximum speed around the entire track.

BRP would like to congratulate the following Sea-Doo X-TEAM riders on their 2013 IJSBA World Finals performances and their Sea-Doo watercraft podium positions.


1. Jared Moore, South Africa, RXP-X, TM Trucking/Rockstar/Sea-Doo Centre
2. Jean Baptiste Botti, France, RXP-X, Quakisense/Easy Rider
3. Masaharu Takenoshita, Hungary, RXP-X, Marine Mechanic/Shoe


1. James Bushell, England, RXP-X, 158 Performance/Sea-Doo Centre
2. Yousef Alabdulrazzaq, Kuwait, RXP-X, Zain Telecom/Hitch Motorsports
3. Mohammed Al Baz, Kuwait, RXP-X, Zain/Pro Rider


1. James Bushell, England, RXP-X, 158 Performance/Sea-Doo Centre
2. Jared Moore, South Africa, RXP-X, TM Trucking/Rockstar/Sea-Doo Centre
3. Aero Aswar, Indonesia, RXP-X, BNI/Jettribe/Spy/Sea-Doo Centre


1. Shante Bukes, South Africa, RXP-X, LPS/Carl Becham
2. Kylie Ellmers, New Zealand, RXP-X, Sea-Doo Centre/LK Engineering/Jettrim
3. Supalak Ninnopparai, Thailand, RXP-X, Mahidol/Oakley


1. Chaowalit Kuajaroon, Thailand, RXP-X, Knauf Insulation/ Flamingo Racing
2. Eric Francis, United States, Other
3. Cody Hawkins, United States, RXP-X, Riva Racing/Jettrim


1. Kasza Gyorgy, Hungary, RXP-X, Jetpower.hu/Szervernet.hu
2. Veerapong Maneechom, Thailand, RXP-X, Flamingo Racing/Knauf Insulation
3. Khaled Burbabee, Kuwait, Other


1. Oumoeut Saly, Thailand, RXP-X, Flamingo Racing/Knauf Insulation
2. Mohammed Burbayea, Kuwait, RXP-X, Zain/Pro Rider
3. Chalempoj Viriyahphan, Thailand, RXP-X, Flamingo Racing


1. Mohammed Al Baz, Kuwait, RXP-X, Zain/Pro Rider
2. Khaled Burabee, Kuwait, Other
3. Nopphadon Supmuensean, Thailand, RXP-X, JetPilot/Nakom

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