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BRP has partnered with Red Bull in many water based events over the past ten years starting with the Red Bull Tow-At surf event in Sebastian, Florida where an elite group of East Coast surfers including Cory and Shay Lopez, CJ Hobgood, Josh Kerr among others were pulled at waves behind a Sea-Doo WAKE watercraft to pop off of wave faces at higher speeds in efforts to pull off big aerial tricks. The Tow-At events continue with Sea-Doo watercraft powering the way to help put the wind underneath their “wings”.

Red Bull is also deeply involved with Wake sports and Sea-Doo has been there during their biggest events as the only watercraft specifically designed for board sports. The Red Bull Depth Charge is arguably the most elaborate and unique Wakeboard events ever to be produced and Sea-Doo WAKE models were the preferred tow vehicles for several reasons. The depth charge event took place 185 feet below the earth’s surface in Bonne Terre, Missouri on the world’s largest underground lake.

Sea-Doo watercraft were used as the tow vehicles noted for their low emissions, necessary in the caves of the lake, and for their nimble handling and tight quarter control. The Sea-Doo watercraft were lowered from their nose by a cable to the water where they pulled 14 of the sports elite riders. Legendary Wakebaorder Parks Bonifay won that one time event and has since utilized Sea-Doo watercraft to wakeboard among icebergs and other extreme conditions that normal boats can not accomplish.

Red Bull also provides a launch pad for teams who want to test out their idea of how to fly during the Red Bull Flugtag events. Flugtag means, ”Flying Day” in their native Austrian tongue but what the contestants are permitted to use to construct their flying machines is limited. Each team builds their flying machine according to the strict rules and propels it off of a 30-foot tall platform in attempts to fly the furthest over water, completely by human power.

And when the Flugtag team plops in the water Sea-Doo watercraft are there to pull them out of the water and back to their adoring fans on land. The Red Bull event teams utilize Sea-Doo as their watercraft of choice mainly because of the iBR (intelligent Brake & Reverse) system that allows the rescue drivers to approach and attend to flyers with ultimate control.

Sea-Doo watercraft have also been utilized in the recent Red Bull Storm Chase where an elite group of kite surfers chase extreme weather conditions in efforts of the ultimate kite surfing session.

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Sea-Doo watercraft equipped with iBR and supercharged engines support to the windsurfers as they battle to stay on top of these massive waves. The competition is split into two parts in accordance with the main global storm seasons. Between January 10 and March 22, 2013, ten courageous windsurfers nominated via public voting were on standby to hunt down one massive storm at seven previously nominated destinations. Four of the original fleet were eliminated during the first mission in Brandon Bay, Ireland, at the end of January. From July 22, 2013, the six remaining windsurfers have been waiting for the second mission. Out of these six athletes, four emerged as qualifiers for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase Champion of 2013. To catch raging conditions, the participants have to be flexible-to-the-max during the holding period with just 48-hours to mobilize on-site before the next storm strikes.

Red Bull Storm Chase continues its mission of finding the most challenging waves to windsurf. Don’t miss the action clip of Mission #2 to Tasmania (Australia). This clip includes highlights from: Marcilio Browne (BRA), Daniel Bruch (GER), Victor Fernandez Lopez (ESP), Leon Jamaer (GER), Julien Taboulet (FRA), and Thomas Traversa (FRA) competing in hurricane-force winds and double mast-high waves.

Look for more unique events with Red Bull and Sea-Doo in 2014.