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2014 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 215-Action4

Luxury: If your ideal day on the water consists of cruising for hours exploring new destinations and stopping at your favorite restaurant for lunch you should be drawn to our luxury category of watercraft. These watercraft include all of the bells and whistles standard and provide everything you need for a luxury filled day on the water.

gtx cover

GTX Watercraft Cover: Whether trailering your Sea-Doo to your favorite location or securing it at your dock, a watercraft cover provides protection for your Sea-Doo GTI watercraft. Our lineup of strapless watercraft covers are easy to install and release. They are UV resistant and include a patented air release system for use when trailering. Buy Now

Dry bag

Dry Bag: Everyone loves spending time on the water. Make sure to bring along a change of clothes if you stop by your favorite on-water restaurant for lunch. The Dry Bag is perfect for storing towels, a change of clothes and anything else that you want to keep dry. It holds up to 2.6 US gallons (10 L) of ‘stuff’ and is watertight and made of puncture-resistant PVC coated polyester fiber material with a reinforced bottom for added durability. Buy Now

GLove box organizer

Glove Box Organizer: Sea-Doo glove boxes are roomy and designed to keep multiple items safe during your ride. Many people keep their cell phones, keys, sunglasses, boater’s safety license, registration, etc., in it.  Once you place all of these items in the glove box, they tend to shuffle around when you are shredding and carving.  Our solution is a Glove Box Organizer. It is a semi-rigid splash-resistant, portable case. The liner cushions the inside of the glove box and provides insulation. The case provides easy access when opening the glove box cover. Buy Now

Sea-Doo Speed Tie 1

Sea-Doo Speed Tie:  The first and only fully integrated PWC mooring system, the Sea-Doo Speed Tie, provides quick and secure docking. This mooring system conveniently snaps out and locks in place so you can tie your watercraft to a dock. The rope is 8’ (2.4m) in length and retracts after use. Installs easily and sold in pairs – one for the front and one for the back of the watercraft. Buy Now

Speed tie If you would prefer to mount your Sea-Doo Speed Tie on your dock, we also offer a system that bolts directly to the dock for permanent placement.  This mooring system eliminates excessive ropes on the dock and retracts quickly for storage.  The Sea-Doo Speed Tie for dock also has 8’ (2.4m) of rope and locks to the desired length. Sold individually. Buy Now

XPS boat detailing kit

XPS PWC Cleaning and Detailing Kit: Keep your Sea-Doo watercraft looking showroom new with our XPS PWC Cleaning and Detailing Kit. The kit includes everything you need to clean and shine your watercraft: an all-purpose cleaner, PWC Wash and Wax, vinyl cleaner, spray cleaner and polish, 2 microfiber towels and a deluxe sponge.  The kit comes in a handy carrying case for ease of carrying to the dock or storing in your garage. Buy Now

smart start battery

Yuasa Smart Shot Automatic Battery Charger: Enjoy hassle free start ups with the Yuasa Smart Shot Automatic Battery Charger. The charger is available in 900 milliamp and 1.5 amp charge capacities to ensure that optimum power is available for your battery. Both chargers include a fused-ring connector and alligator clips that can be permanently attached to your battery making charging and maintaining your battery a breeze. Buy Now

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