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2013 Sea-Doo GTI SE - Action6 smaller for blog

Recreation: If playing the day away on the water with your family and friends is your ideal getaway, chances are you own a Sea-Doo watercraft. We’ve outlined some of our hottest items sure to make your time on the water the most fun that it can be!

Sea-Doo Speed Tie 1

Sea-Doo Speed Tie:  The first and only fully integrated PWC mooring system, the Sea-Doo Speed Tie, provides quick and secure docking. This mooring system conveniently snaps out and locks in place so you can tie your watercraft to a dock. The rope is 8’ (2.4m) in length and retracts after use. Installs easily and sold in pairs – one for the front and one for the back of the watercraft. Buy Now

Speed tie

If you would prefer to mount your Sea-Doo Speed Tie on your dock, we also offer a system that bolts directly to the dock for permanent placement.  This mooring system eliminates excessive ropes on the dock and retracts quickly for storage.  The Sea-Doo Speed Tie for dock also has 8’ (2.4m) of rope and locks to the desired length. Sold individually. Buy Now

GTI Cover

GTI/GTS Watercraft Cover: Whether trailering your Sea-Doo to your favorite location or securing it at your dock, a watercraft cover provides protection for your Sea-Doo GTI watercraft. Our lineup of strapless watercraft covers are easy to install and release. They are UV resistant and include a patented air release system for use when trailering. Buy Now

front storage tray

Front Storage Tray: When gearing up for a day on the water many people like to take water, snacks or additional gear with them. Sea-Doo watercrafts are designed with a large front storage area perfect for these types of items. The tray provides an easy storage solution as it optimizes the front storage area. This storage accessory has a cargo handle to aid in packing and unpacking. This storage tray can hold up to 3.2 US gallons (12 L) of your personal items and provides more than enough room for a Sea-Doo Dry Bag and additional items. Buy Now

sandbag anchor

Sandbag Anchor: Once you have finally made it to your favorite sandbar or cove, the Sandbag Anchor will help you secure your Sea-Doo watercraft from drifting while you enjoy lunch or play in the sun and sand. This anchor has a capacity of 35 lbs. (16 kg) and includes 21’ (6.4 m) of polypropylene cord. It stores easily in your watercraft and floats when empty and its bright yellow color will ensure you don’t forget it when you head back out to the water.  Buy Now

wakeboard rack

Wakeboard Rack: As you venture over the water searching for the perfect glassy cove to wake skate or wakeboard on, it can be tricky to hold onto your wakeboard while underway. The Wakeboard Rack fits easily onto most Sea-Doo watercraft models and provides easy and secure board storage for one wakeboard. Buy Now

retractable ski pylon

Retractable Ski Pylon: If towing a wakeboarder or skier is your favorite on-water activity, the Retractable Ski Pylon makes it easy for a spotter to sit on the back of the watercraft and includes built in grab rails. This ski pylon provides a higher pull point for the rider, the higher the pull point, the easier it is for the rider to get up on top of the water. This Retractable Ski Pylon installs easily and can be added to your Sea-Doo watercraft.  Buy Now

Dry bag

Dry Bag: Kids LOVE spending time on the water. Make sure to bring along a change of clothes so they can have a warm, dry shirt or shorts when stopping by your family’s favorite on-water restaurant for lunch. The Dry Bag is perfect for storing towels, a change of clothes and anything else that you want to keep dry. It holds up to 2.6 US gallons (10 L) of ‘stuff’ and is watertight and made of puncture-resistant PVC coated polyester fiber material with a reinforced bottom for added durability. Buy Now

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