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NAME: Dustin Motzouris
SPORT: Professional watercraft racer
AGE: 32
PORT: Richards Bay South Africa. Currently living in Phoenix, Ariz.

OnBoard – Where did you grow up and how was your competitive spirit developed?

I grew up in Empangeni South Africa. I was always competitive and started racing when I was 12 years old. My father was a powerboat racer and we own a boat building company in South Africa, so I have always been around the water.

OnBoard – What do you do away from the water to stay on the water? What’s your profession?

I am a partner at Kommander Industries here in Phoenix, Ariz. It is one of the top performance PWC shops in the world. I also own FAST POWERSPORTS in South Africa and we are one of the leading Sea-Doo dealerships in the country. Being involved in my dealership back home and working here in the US to grow Kommander, I am able to stay involved in the industry at all times and it’s a great life to live.

OnBoard – How were you introduced to watersports?

The family boat building factory gave me plenty of time growing up to be around the water. This is where I found my love for PWC and the industry.

OnBoard – Since you began racing what are some of your most memorable accomplishments?

I would have to say the most memorable have to be the three IJSBA World Championships I have accumulated from the past years along with my Kings Cup championship this year. I had some mechanical issues this year at the World Championship and was not able to defend my titles from 2012, so it was great to come back and win the Kings Cup in Thailand

OnBoard – Where is your favorite PWC riding location?

I love riding and training in Lake Havasu, Ariz., but the ultimate is riding in the surf in South Africa. The water is warm and clean and I get to ride with my brother who also is another top racer not only in South Africa but the U.S. as well.

OnBoard – What is it about PWC riding that keeps you coming back? 

It just never gets boring. The conditions are always changing and you have to adapt to change at all times to compete at this level. Also, with the new age and generation of watercraft available, the speed and performance keep me wanting more everyday.

OnBoard – Tell us a little bit about the RXT-X you have chosen to race at the Mark Hahn 300 for 2014

I have always wanted to race the Sea-Doo RXT-X in a big endurance race and we finally have the opportunity. The RXT-X is very fast and stable and is a great platform to start with off the showroom floor. I partnered up with pro runabout world champion Jared Moore and, with his knowledge of the Rotax 4-Tec power plant, I expect we will get the very best out of the RXTX. With Kommander Industries and assistance from Sea-Doo Centre, we are able to get the best parts available for our RXT-X as we prepare for the Mark Hahn 300. For this race Jared and I will be changing the valve springs and retainers to allow for a higher rev limiter, Aftermarket programmable ECU and a few handling mods as well. The RXT-X is a great craft straight off the showroom floor, so we want to prove it does not take many modifications to make the already fast stock RXT-X a race proven winner.

OnBoard –You are now living in the United States, what races do you intend to race with your RXTX and who is helping with your racing efforts.

The plan at this point is to hit as many of the endurance races as possible this season. I love riding my RXT-X so I am looking for every excuse to go to the races. The great sponsors who stand behind me as I go out to add many more titles to my collection for the 2014 season make all of this possible. Thank you Kommander Ind., Fast Powersports, Rockstar, Sea-Doo Centre, Burn Industries, Villon Clothing, Jettrim, Airoh helmets and the Sea-Doo X-team.