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It’s almost summer and Sea-Doo watercraft will soon be all over the waterways in North America. As BRP Sea-Doo is continually innovating new designs and technology, we want to ensure that Sea-Doo owners are informed and aware of how to maintain and proper use of their watercraft.

BRP Sea-Doo has created the new Sea-Doo How-To video series. This series of 11 videos, has been developed to guide new Sea-Doo owners and answers frequently asked questions. The videos will address everything from fueling your Sea-Doo to after-ride care and clean up.

The first video in the series, “Getting Started”, reviews the things you should know to start your Sea-Doo life.

This video covers the Proper Riding Gear, Equipment and Accessories.

This video is all about trailering your Sea-Doo. This video reviews the steps to take when towing, launching and learning to transport your Sea-Doo watercraft.

The Sea-Doo InfoCenter is the control center of your Seas-Doo watercraft. This video features information on all of the controls and functions of a Sea-Doo watercraft. Watercraft controls and features are dependent on the model of watercraft.

The Sea-Doo Spark includes some of the traditional Sea-Doo watercraft features and can include items such as Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) and Sport mode. This video covers all of the controls and features of the Spark.

Fueling your watercraft is essential to ensure a fun filled day on the water.

Boating etiquette is essential for having a safe and fun time on the water.

How to stop using your Sea-Doo watercraft equipped with Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR).

How to Beach your Sea-Doo watercraft.

The fine art of docking your Sea-Doo watercraft.

After ride care is a critical step in ensuring that your time spent on the water is the best it can be!

To watch the entire series visit our YouTube Channel.