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Have you seen Capital Cities’ latest music video “One More Minute” featuring BRP’s new Sea-Doo Spark watercraft?  The Sea-Doo Spark is one of the  ‘stars’ of the video.

“The song is high-energy and musically colorful,” said Ryan Merchant, on half of the band Capital Cities with Sebu Simonian. “We wanted to create a visual escape using a dreamlike summer lake set with Sea-Doo Spark watercraft to provide the happy and upbeat contrast to the emotional storyline of the video. What’s more fun than Sea-Doo watercraft on the water in the sun? It epitomizes summer fun.”

You may recognize this song as the it is also the featured soundtrack for the Sea-Doo Spark broadcast commercial spot, “Spark Some Fun”. Through collaborating on the project, Capital Cities became enamoured with the watercraft’s colorful and spirited visual appeal, deciding to give Sea-Doo Spark models a leading role in this video.

“Capital Cities is one of the hottest up and coming bands and the Sea-Doo Spark is poised to be the biggest watersport hit of this summer. The opportunity to bring the two together in a summer fun themed new music video is a perfect combination.” said Chris Dawson, vice president and general manager, Global Sales and Consumer Experience division.