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By Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Cottager


I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never seen so many Sea-Doo watercraft together at one time. Many different models and model years were represented in that PWC fleet. Certainly their operators were a varied cross section of families, couples and solo riders of all ages and genders. Lots of kids too.

On the water, this armada stretched out for what seemed like miles, Sea-Doo’s as far as my eye could see. It reminded me a bit of some of the motorcycle ride-in events I’ve attended, bikes filling highways and camaraderie filling hearts. Other boaters gaped at our impressive watercraft parade as we cruised by on that bright, sunny morning, off to ride our designated route.

This was my first Watercraft Ride For Dad. When I’d arrived, Sea-Doo watercraft were moored at every dock and more were coming in from theP1110980 river. Riders milled about on land, socializing and joking as they waited to register and hand in their pledge sheets. For many, the Watercraft Ride For Dad is an annual event. It’s a fun PWC outing that raises money to battle prostate cancer, the most common form of that disease among men. As far as I know, these Ontario rides are the only annual PWC fundraising activities of their kind. It’s a worthy cause. What’s more, Watercraft Rid For Dad is also great fun for everyone.

PWC riders come from near and far to participate. They come for the poker run and prizes, but the bonus is some incredibly beautiful scenery on #ontariowaterways. Watercraft Ride For Dad also offers a unique opportunity to renew old acquaintances, make new PWC friends and connect with new riding buddies. Plus, it’s ideal for checking out other Sea-Doo models and owner opinions. I was able to cage a quick demo from the owners of several models I’d always wanted to try.

P1110911At the post-ride bar-b-que lunch, everyone was pumped by their experience – there were lots of laughs and some good-natured ribbing of one passenger who’d taken an unexpected and ungainly dunking. Many participants were already chatting about getting together soon for more rides of their own.

It’s not too late to hook up with a Watercraft Ride For Dad this summer for your own dose of Sea-Doo fun on the water. There’s one on the St. Lawrence River on Saturday, August 9 out of Morrisburg, and another at 1000 Islands on Saturday, August 23 out of Ed Huck Marine near Rockport. Take it from The Intrepid Cottager, you’ll really enjoy participating in a Watercraft Ride For Dad!