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NAME: Paul Green
AGE: 48 years old
PORT: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FAMILY: Single

Where did you grow up and how was your competitive spirit developed?

Paul – Growing up in Toronto Canada, I spent my childhood summers on Georgian Bay enjoying various watersports and outdoor activities. My father got me into amateur boxing at a young age, which taught me how to be mentally strong and compete

What do you do away from the water to stay on the water? What’s your profession?

Paul – I currently own a private investigation business in Toronto, and I’m a Certified Fraud Examiner CFE.

Being self – employed and having a flexible work schedule, allows me to travel and pursue my racing career. The experience I’ve gained through running my own business, has helped me manage my racing career.

How were you introduced to watersports?

Paul – My first introduction into watersports was waterskiing at our cottage as a child. That would lead to working as a lifeguard and later teaching competitive swimming to youths. My first PWC was a Wet Jet 432 that handled like a tank!   

Since you began competing what are some of your accolades?

Paul – My first season competing on a runabout was 2014. I raced the CWA Watercross Tour in the newly formed Runabout Rec Lights Class. I was dominant in the class and won the overall title. I also won the Master Ski Stock overall title.

Picture 1What is it about the Sea-Doo SPARK that enticed you to race this new model?

Paul – Initially, I purchased the SPARK as a fun boat for the weekends. After spending sometime on the boat, I realized the boats potential as a viable race craft. I began working on the machine and started promoting it within the watercraft community. Not long after, SPARKs began showing up at the races and a new class was born.

What kind of support team do you have behind you and what does it entail?

Paul – I am lucky to have Riva Racing, Sea-Doo X-TEAM, and Solas as sponsors. I have been testing with Riva and assisting them in developing new performance products for the SPARK. My girlfriend, Rachel Thomas, has also been instrumental in my success on and off the water. No one wins titles by themselves.

Your accomplishments riding watercraft have opened the doors for other action opportunities. What “extra” perks have you enjoyed from being a pro racer?

Paul – I have traveled extensively with the sport and have enjoyed the experience greatly. This past summer, I had the opportunity to take up wake surfing thanks to my family which is a blast. I also try to attend as many Monster Energy Supercross races as I can each season. Getting the recognition as an X-Team member is a thrill.

Where is your favorite PWC race site?

Paul – I enjoy the Ocean race sites, particularly the Florida stops with the warm water and ever changing surf. Racing surf forces the rider to use all their skills in order to be successful. The Ocean levels out the playing field.

What is it about PWC racing that keeps you coming back?

Paul – I started racing PWC’s in the late 80’s and have enjoyed competing both as a privateer and as a factory backed rider in the 90’s. The thing that keeps me coming back to the sport is the constant innovations to the watercraft. I find the technology fuels my passion and I’m constantly being forced to learn new things. The clean burning 4 strokes of today are superior to the 2 stroke technologies of yesterday.

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Where is your favorite non-racing, riding location?

Paul – I really enjoy riding in South Florida and the Florida Keys. The natural beauty of the area can’t be beat. Surf riding at the Sebastian Inlet in Florida is always eventful too! Watching Dolphins and Sharks share the water as you ride is an awesome sight to see.

What is or has been YOUR favorite part of being part of the Sea-Doo X-TEAM

Paul – My favorite part of being on the Sea-Doo X-Team is being part of a professional group of racers who have similar focus and goals. The comradery and friendships formed are the best part of the team. The opportunity to showcase my riding skills with other high level athletes is great.

Picture 9What are you racing right now and what are looking forward to, and who is supporting your 2015 efforts?

Paul – I plan to ride a 2015 Sea-Doo SPARK and defend my CWA title in the Runabout Rec Lights class. I’m also exploring the possibility of racing a Sea-Doo RXP-X in the Pro Am Runabout Stock class. Riva Racing, Sea-Doo and Solas will be my key sponsors for 2015. I’m looking forward to continued success in 2015 aboard Sea-Doo watercraft!

BRP thanks Paul Green for his time and dedication to the pursuit of PWC racing glory aboard Sea-Doo. You can follow Paul; on his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/paul.green.10004