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It’s never too early to plan your big summer adventures. There are many things to think about when getting ready for a long sea excursion. It requires thoughtful planning, sound physical riding ability and increased vigilance.
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Here are some pieces of advice:

1) Know yours and your machine’s limits and think safety at all times.

2) When cruising the seas from one destination to another, choose to go with a flotilla. There is safety in numbers. Ideally, a large boat will break the seas for a smoother ride and add extra safety.

3) Timing as always comes down to Mother Nature. Times to avoid are windier months or months that are known for heavier storms that can make seas pretty rough.

4) Before the journey, don’t let your miscellaneous items go to the wayside when doing your prep. Items like your passport, medication, and credit cards may seem like obvious things to remember, but best add them to your checklist, just in case.

Getaway must-have items we recommend: 

1) Safety Equipment –  A watertight flashlight, Replenished Fire Extinguisher, and First Aid Kit are great starts to have on your checklist.

We recommend reviewing and following the recommended list by the USCG.

2) Additional Comfort – Most planners have the basics covered like sunscreen, water and snacks and extra clothing, but there are some additional items that will help make your ride feel a bit more comfortable: Sea-Doo_PAC_2015_TowSports_0120_cb_tif

  • The Freedom PFD is incredibly durable and made for maximum comfort with anatomically cut armholes. They also have a goggle-to-PFD attachment cord so that your goggles stay with you throughout the ride.
  • The Sea-Doo Riding Goggles will help keep your eyes from drying out and the polarized lenses are sure to enhance the magnificent views.
  • Sea-Doo_PAC_2015_RecLite_1592_AC_tifThe Attitude Full Finger or Shorty Vehicle Gloves not only protect against wind, but also provide maximum grip. Variations in wind can make the ride less pleasant if you’re not properly prepared.
  • The Sea-Doo Water Shoes will add extra support thanks to their anti-slip features.

Sea-Doo_PAC_2015_Recreation_0622_AC-3_tif3) Convenient accessoriesAmong the basics, we recommend adding a Handheld GPS along with some extra batteries. A sandbag anchor will be sure to come in handy when a break is needed, and the Sea-Doo Speed Tie and Snap-in Fenders will help you be ready for easy docking once you make it to your destination.

A mantra to live by when prepping for these types of trips is that you can never be over-prepared. Build up to your sea excursion with long watercraft rides. Find out what kinds of surprises you run into and learn what to be prepared for!