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After a cold and extended winter, we cannot be more excited to reunite with some warm weather and get back to riding! If you winterized your watercraft with the basic maintenance, you’re in great shape to get back to the water with minimal prep. Here are a few quick tips to ensure the best performance of your Sea-Doo watercraft and maximum fun this summer.

After bringing your Sea-Doo watercraft out of hibernation, it’s a good practice to Clean & Detail to prevent sun damage and remove contaminates from the water.

  • c0c824a40d95c98a5fef9ecf825b18aeGrab the hose and rinse off with the XPS Boat and PWC Wash and Wax. Made exclusively for Sea-Doo watercraft, this material-safe product will bring back that showroom shine.
  • The long winter months can take a toll on your vinyl seats creating mold and grime from the moisture. Use the XPS vinyl cleaner to help restore your vinyl seat and handlebar pad.
  • Once your Sea-Doo watercraft is looking new again, grab the XPS microfiber towel to avoid scratching and polish to perfection.

A clean ride also needs to be a ‘healthy’ ride. Before starting the season, be sure to perform a thorough inspection to make sure that all your watercraft parts are functioning properly. A basic check-up includes the following:

  • Inspect all fuel and water lines for cracks or any other types of damage. Always replace any lines that you notice with damage before riding.
  • Check all electrical connections for damage or build up. If any damages are noticed be sure to have them repaired. For build-up, a good cleaning will help reset for riding season.
  • t329_cd4cdc58b4cabb59dde74ad985e31d0fIf you did not change the oil and oil filter before winterizing, spring-cleaning provides the best opportunity to do this. The XPS 4-stroke Maintenance and Oil Change Kit includes XPS oil, an oil filter, three NGK spark plugs and an instruction sheet.
  • Spark plugs can develop residue or collect moisture over the winter due to the cold. Check and change your spark plugs if necessary.
  • Make sure your battery has been properly charged and reinstall the battery into your Sea-Doo watercraft.
  • 2015-SEA-DOO-RXP-X-260---STUDIO-AES_SteeringThe controls should be checked for proper movement. This includes (steering, steering cable, throttle, throttle cable and iBR, lever). If they stick, use the XPS lUBE so that they move freely.
  • Double-check that your Sea-Doo watercraft is running correctly by connecting it to a hose. Start the engine and run for no longer than two minutes.
  • If you run into any questions during the Spring-cleaning process, always refer to your Sea-Doo owner’s manual or ask your authorized Sea-Doo dealer.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you have the best riding season that you can. Now, it’s time to have some fun! Do you have additional pre-riding rituals to share? Share them with us.