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You’ve decided to make the next step and join the Sea-Doo Family. It’s a big moment, to be ready for so much more adventure in the water, and to know that the Sea-Doo watercraft you choose will be creating memories for yourself, friends and family that will last. Before heading to the dealer, it’s a good idea to have a few things in mind so that you can be sure that, with so many options, you’re able to choose the right one for you!

The Sea-Doo site has a pretty great tool called Find Your Sea-Doo. It makes a suggestion based on the preferences you select.


What to Consider:

1. Riding Style –Here, you’re looking at three choices, and each comes with a helpful image in case you’re uncertain of which you’d prefer:
Spark-PlayfulPlayful – the rider that wants to go out, have loads of fun on a nimble craft and get a little wet while they’re at it.
Aggressive – this rider prefers to take on the waves at full speed with all of the power, performance, and technology available.
Relaxed – And, there are those who just want to cruise. This rider’s looking for luxury while they set their sights on new destinations and take in the waterways.

GTISeating2. Seating – In this section, you’ll choose between one to three seats. Generally, one-seaters are lighter and more nimble than three-seaters. And, if you’re planning to use your watercraft for towing, law requires three seats for the operator, spotter, and person being towed.

3. Riding Time – This takes into account each session on your watercraft which can be a challenge to decide on if you’re a first time owner. A good way to figure this out is to base your riding time on the amount of time that you will have available to spend on the water. After work? All day on the weekends? These basic questions will give good guidance.

RXPXSpeed4. Water Type – This preference combined with your riding style, will help suggest: the size of watercraft you may need along with whether you should get suspension.

5. Speed – Here, you’ll be telling the tool if you’re happy at a nice steady pace, or if you speed is a necessity in your life. This will better suggest the size engine for your riding style.

GTXComfort6. Comfort – Used along with the other categories, this will help to suggest a ride that has the right amount of stability and technology for your needs.

7. Maneuvering & Handling – Ease of handling your watercraft will be important. And, this will help determine the amount of control you need depending on whether you want to take tight turns on a dime, stop quickly, or dock in a matter of seconds with iBR technology.

TowSports8. Tow SportsThis preference is as straightforward as it sounds and the selection will help match you with a watercraft that gives the support you need for tow sports.

Ready to have your go, and Find Your Sea-Doo? Check out the tool here, and let us know in the comments if it lines up with what you had in mind for your dream Sea-Doo watercraft.