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It’s time for summer living which means families are gearing up for some much-needed time off and fun on the water. The suitcases are packed and the trunks are loaded, now just to get the Sea-Doo ready for the road trip to that perfect destination that you’ve been planning to hit since the cold, winter months.

Summer Trip Quick-Guide:

  1. PAC-PFD-SPARKGeared to go: Before heading out of the door, double-check that all of the gear fits correctly. If you’re using the same PFD’s from previous summer fun, it’s possible that some of your family members (kids grow up fast) have outgrown them. If an upgrade is needed, we’ve got plenty of options to pick from to keep everyone safe on your Sea-Doo watercraft. PFD-CoupleSea-Doo Nylon PFDs are a great value with higher end components for an ideal combination of comfort and safety. The Sea-Doo Neoprene PFDs matches an athletic riding style and can handle rugged daily use. Sea-Doo’s Ecoprene PFDs have all the advantages of Neoprene plus the quick drying benefit of Nylon. The right PFD will fit snugly and comfortably to provide proper buoyancy while in the water.
  2. SPARK-CleaningWater Ready: This may be the first time you’re getting your Sea-Doo watercraft back to the water this season, and if so, now is a good time to get it prepped. Just a couple of months back, we posted our spring-cleaning tips to transition your Sea-Doo watercraft from storage to water. For a quick review of basic inspection and proper cleaning, you can check out that post here. Get your Sea-Doo watercraft prepped beforehand so that you spend all of your vacation time relaxing.
  3. Fueled Up: If you’re traveling to a more remote location, we suggest filling up your Sea-Doo watercraft before leaving. This way you can fill up with quality, fresh fuel. It will also assist in towing to optimize the weight distribution.
  4. Sea-Doo_PAC_2015_Performance_1447_ACProtection your Ride: We’ve all seen the grime that our vehicles can buildup from long road trips. It’s difficult to clean and is unsightly. Once your Sea-Doo watercraft is prepped, one of Sea-Doo’s custom fit covers will help keep it sparkling all the way to your destination.
  5. Getting there: As much care should be given to your trailer as your Sea-Doo watercraft that way you can be sure to get from home to vacationing with ease. Check your tires tread wear & air pressure, trailer lights, and have a professional check your wheel bearings. To add a bit more certainty, grab a Sea-Doo Spare Wheel for your Sea-Doo Move I or II trailer.

Now, get on the road so you can get on the water!