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As we all begin our plans for the last big outings before summer ends, thoughts are on creating memories with family and friends and hours of fun on the water. With so much to look forward to, Sea-Doo wants to remind riders of the importance of wearing personal flotation devices. Recreational boating fatalities in the US are at a 22-year low thanks to smarter boaters and smarter technology.

Unknown– http://safeboatingcampaign.com

There are numerous types of PFDs and Sea-Doo has developed a full-line to offer the best fit for every rider’s style and budget.

Which PFD is right for your lifestyle?

  • 2015-SEA-DOO-WAKE-PRO-215_ACTION29Wake & tow sports are your true calling: A PFD made for frequent water entry with rugged clasps and higher impact. The Freewave PFD is durable, allows for ease of movement and added warmth. The Freewave line includes a split tail comfort design to for maximum comfort on your Sea-Doo watercraft.
  • 2015-SEA-DOO-AIR-FLOW-PFDCruising along: Choose a PFD that is comfortable and compact if luxury rides are on your daily must list and you live for true comfort. The Airflow PFD is eco-friendly, lightweight, and water repellent to help you stay dry on your long rides.
  • 2015-SEA-DOO-GTR-215-ACTION-6Never slowing down: High performance, tight turns, and the thrill of feeling the horsepower.  Push your limits with the Force Pullover PFD. The Force is made with ultra-durable neoprene and has quick release buckles, a strategically placed mesh drain panel, and heavy-duty side zipper. The flexible PFD moves with the rider and helps keep in warmth for rides in various weather conditions.
  • 2015-SEA-DOO-MOTION-PFDTaking the Kids Anywhere: Spending time with your family on the water is at the top of your list, and the activities are never-ending. The Motion PFDs are designed for plenty of fun on the water.  The super-duty nylon outer shell makes the PFDs light and comfortable and provides added buoyancy. These comfortable PFDs are great for riders of all ages.

Boaters can also increase their level of comfort and control with watercraft equipped with braking systems such as the Sea-Doo intelligent brake and reverse (iBR) system that helps stop a Sea-Doo watercraft 100 feet sooner at 50 mph than a watercraft with out the system. With the iBR upgrade and boater education courses, more fun and a safe time on the water is ensured for personal watercraft riders and boaters alike.