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Last you heard, we were planning our Ultimate Beach Party with Devin SuperTramp this past May. We wouldn’t be giving it proper justice if we said it was anything less than a total and complete blast. Nothing is more fun than living the Sea-Doo life with beautiful weather and great friends. While we were stoked to work with Devin on another great video, we were just as excited about including the winner from the Ultimate Beach Party contest, Trevor Soety (@the_trevorsoety & Trevor Soety Channel), and two of his closest friends who joined us in May for the ultimate fun at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Trevor Soety, Winning Image Not only did Trevor get to hang out with the Sea-Doo crew and Devin, he won a 2015 SPARK! Trevor’s new addition is the first PWC he has owned and we were more than happy to share his experience with all of our Sea-Doo fans.

‘For me, winning the Ultimate Beach Party contest was an amazing experience. I got to meet Devin Graham, which gave me the chance to be in one of his SuperTramp videos. He actually said something pretty impactful to me while we were filming; “anything worth doing is worth doing right,” this really hit close to home.

After winning my new SPARK in Orange Crush, it brought so much fun into my life. I’ve been able to take my SPARK scalloping and even picked up wakeskating. Trevor Soety 2015 Sea-Doo PARKWhat’s even better is the bet I had with one of my friends about this contest. If I won and got the new SPARK, my buddy would buy one too. Guess what? I won! Riding it is such a blast, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a personal watercraft. 

I want to say thanks to Sea-Doo, Devin SuperTramp, and the Sea-Doo community which includes all of the fans that submitted videos or photos for the beach party contest.’ — Trevor Soety

Scalloping with Trevor and SPARK

Just in case you missed the Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party, check it out here!