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BRP continues to offer the right watercraft for every type of watersports enthusiasts with two tow sports specific models in the 2016 Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215.

Both 2016 Sea-Doo WAKE models receive the new, second-generation Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR) providing a more responsive activation and faster braking. The WAKE PRO 215 model is redesigned with the adapted Ergolock seat for greater rider and passenger comfort.

Sea-Doo watercraft have been part of the wake board and wake skate scenes since their respective inceptions as the tow vehicle of choice for elite watersport athletes as well as providing the perfect instructional tow vehicle for amateurs and enthusiasts. The Sea‑Doo tow sport watercraft provide the best wake towing capabilities and are equipped with exclusive features developed specifically for tow sports such as Ski Mode, a removable wakeboard rack and a retractable ski pylon with spotter handles and rope strap. The exclusive Sea-Doo iBR system has also become a valuable tool for tow sports enthusiasts as the intuitive system provides added control for quick turn-around to pick up downed skiers. The second-generation iBR provides a more responsive activation through an improved gearbox motor and larger, reengineered brake gate. The new iBR reduces the stopping distance by close to 48.75 m (160-feet)1.


BRP extends its support and long-standing relationship working with the NIKE wakeskate team riders to promote alternative watersports with Sea-Doo watercraft and to continually improve the WAKE models with engineering input. The tow-sport specific Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and WAKE PRO 215 models maintain their position as the watercraft of choice for elite NIKE wake skate team riders Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Nick Taylor, and Silas Thurman. In 2016, the Sea-Doo WAKE models continue to make a personal statement with new coloration and the WAKE PRO 215 rider environment being redesigned with the Ergolock seating and increased storage capacity.

Both 2016 Sea-Doo WAKE models include the exclusive Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) system and speed-based Ski Mode to fit wake boarders’ and wake skaters’ needs. This exclusive feature is engineered to make every driver an expert driver with the ability to program the acceleration curve and target speed for a consistent, perfect pull every time. Learning to ride behind an iControl technologies-equipped Sea-Doo watercraft is easier, less intimidating, and more economical than behind a traditional powerboat.


  • WAKE PRO 215
  • WAKE 155



The Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 model is designed for power; pro calibre tracking and the best watercraft tow specific components and performance on a larger platform, making it the ultimate towing watercraft. For 2016, the WAKE PRO 215 receives a redesigned rider environment with the adaptation of the Ergolock seat that features a narrower driver saddle area and larger lumbar support for greater driver comfort and confidence. The addition of the new Ergolock seat design delivers the benefit of additional wet storage under Sea-Doo’s exclusive removable watertight storage bin for over three times more total storage capacity than the previous generation with 162 liters (42.8 US gallons) and a new larger glove box. The new design also includes new handlebar grips with palm rest for greater driving comfort.

Based on the S3 hull with a deeper V shape, the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 model offers solid straight-line tracking during rider edging and greater comfort during extended treks over open water. The WAKE PRO 215 includes added horsepower that provides extra torque to get up on the water quicker thanks to the supercharged Rotax engine and when fuel conservation is desired, it comes standard with the ECO Mode. The 2016 WAKE PRO is equipped with the new, second-generation iBR system for an industry leading level of manoeuvrability and always starts in neutral for ease of loading and unloading at the dock or picking up a downed skier.

For 2016 the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 will also wow boarders with new White and Denim Blue Satin colorization and WAKE graphics. Additional features include a retractable ski pylon with spotter handgrips, removable wakeboard rack, fold-down reboarding step, Ski Mode, tilt steering, high-performance VTS and watertight removable storage bin.

2016 SEA-DOO WAKE 155  


The WAKE 155 model is ideal for those riding in smaller bodies of water, providing a nimble, versatile ride in moderate chop and includes room for up to three riders. The WAKE 155 model is built on the award-winning GTI platform and offers a nimble, yet predictable ride, on a smaller hull. In addition to Ski Mode, that allows the ramp acceleration and set speed to be programmed, this model includes iControl and ECO mode. The intuitive second-generation iBR is the industry’s first braking system and ensures quick-turnarounds for less down time and more ride time.


The 2016 WAKE 155 comes equipped with a large swim platform with a fold-down reboarding step, mirrors, and the watercraft industry’s only WAKE package including; Ski Mode, retractable ski pylon with three positions and spotter handles, and removable wakeboard rack. It features class-leading comfort and storage with 116.6 litres (30.8 US gallons) of usable space and adorns the all new White and Belize Blue colorization and WAKE graphics.

NIKE wake team riders of Horan, Pastura, and Taylor use BRP’s Sea-Doo WAKE watercraft exclusively, logging over combined 3,500 hours of use. Watch these riders in action with their Sea-Doo WAKE models in the NIKE “DOO IT” wake video shorts that can be seen in the Wake section on Sea-Doo.com and on the Sea-Doo YouTube channel.